Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday-Snow Day

Well I managed to add the borders and quilt the layers together.
I used a seersucker blue from my stash.
It was just scraps but long enough by 2" to get my length.
Actually the yellow was scraps too.

Long arms, LN held it up for me.
The lighting is bad in my basement room , sorry the colors and patterns are showing wonky.
I love the back.
It has all the animals kids find fascinating in fun colors.
Now I need to bind and wash so it can be delivered.

With 2 days off for the snow and ice LN amused herself by working on a 4-H assignment.
She had to come up with some science type classes for 9-12 year olds.
She created bubbles but they won't lift off the counter.

She tried to encapsulate this figure but the metal kept popping it.
She successfully encapsulates the button several types. 

She made different types of solutions and one blew giant bubbles but I didn't take my camera outside.
Sorry for the over ripe bananas but definitely time for banana bread don't you think?
After playing around she made time to do some handsewing on her new sewing project for 4-H and Make it with Wool contests.
Spoiler alert!!!!
She was stitching down her lining by the zipper and working on her sleeve seams.
This is an accurate pic of the blue fabric and white shows well also.
She has more handwork to do before Saturday when we go back to her mentors to start her full length overcoat and finish her dress details (length, buttons, etc.).

This picture is bad but gives you some idea.
We were at her mentors and the sun was killing the camera and it was too cold to go outside
for a better shot of a half done dress.
I'll take plenty after it's all done.
It's going to surprise everyone that knows LN's edgy choices.
It's very demure and sweet.
Have to work on shoes to fit dress and coat which is a dark blue with flecks of white and light blue.


  1. Love the baby quilt! Nice job of machine quilting.

    LN's dress is lovely. She obviously got her sewing talent from her mom! She's having so many really neat experiences and learning so much in her growing up/formative years. I know she must have the interest but a lot of credit for that goes to you and the way you've raised her.

    1. Thanks MamaPea I bought a Janome 6600 if that means anything to you. It was 2nd hand acquired. This is the 1st I've used it for quilting and it made things so much nicer and easier. The dual foot and walking foot hold the sandwiched pieces so nicely. The 1/4" foot makes piecing easier also. I have usually been a hand stitched girl but I'm happy with this machine.