Monday, March 24, 2014

What do you get?

When you do 1 1/2 hrs of heavy legs at gym then come home and shovel 2 1/2 ton of stone dust?
Tomorrow will be interesting.
The cows always shove a hole in front if their water trough and I always forget water is running and flood it!
Hopefully we both behave better for at least a little while.

It's the nature of the beast for cows and we have tried everything short of concrete. No concrete because they then form a hole around it.
Never win situation I guess.
After filling it in the adjacent lot where we store their round bales I found this.
This is a branch S cut off driveway tree and left laying.
Apparently the rabbits? like the taste? 
That's my theory anyhow.

This is color palette I'm using to make a graduation present. The left print is the backing and maybe a fussy cut here or there. It's tennis players which she is. To all quilters what do you think is a good simple quilt pattern? I still have a white with blue jays printing on it bring shipped to me. Her college mascot will be the jays with blue as college color and orange her favorite color. Any thoughts will be appreciated .

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