Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Winner and wierd encounter....

I'm late with my giveaway winner's name.
I had 2 entries for the quilt book.
I held up a hat for LN to choose a name from.
Kelly from happy hollow homestead blog is the winner.
Kelly please email me your address and I'll ship it out tomorrow.
Happy sewing girl!
Speaking of sewing I had a weird experience last week at a shop.
Me and my oldest R went to an appointment 1 1/2 hrs. away and returned by a quilt shop near there.
We entered the shop and started looking for fabric to match the graduation colors I posted earlier.
I was approached and informed they were closing in 10 min.
I said ok and kept looking.
A minute later the lady came back and said again we' re closing in 10 min.
I am a small business owner so I understood they wanted to leave.
Ok I got it so I took my 2 fabrics to be cut at the counter.
I asked for 1 yd. of each fabric.
Apparently I'm not with the quilting times because I wanted more than a fat quarter.
I received a "how much" reply.
I repeated 1 yd. of each.
Now I was asked "what are you making" and replied distractedly " a quilt".
I was thinking about what I already had at home and did I need anything else since I wouldn't be down that way for quite awhile.
Seriously I thought the lady was going to throw me out after that.
I was not being a smart ass and believe me I know what that is because I usually am one.
I was just answering honestly.
I'm not an experienced quilter or current with quilt names or fabric names or reproduction this or quilt designer that, etc. , etc.
This lady and her friend acted as if I was a moron or incompetent.
I explained I didn't know what pattern I was going to use I was just gathering fabrics I liked.
I left with a sour taste in my mouth for the quilt snobbery displayed.
I'm just a girl who like to sew and make things I like or what to gift to someone.
I'm old school and buy fabric by the yard of half or quarter.
If I buy fat quarters it is usually because they are precut and packaged which R did pick 2 out of a basket by their counter to go with what I was having cut. 
A quilt has always been to me a twin, full, or queen sized and for a bed.
I'm working on that and enjoy seeing other sizes on other blogs and in stores.
I admire quilters who are so in it they know all this and can throw out the terms easily.
I also am frugal I guess and generally like everything to be useful and rarely just make something to store it for posterity.
Please don't make someone feel stupid because they choose another way.
There is enough room for all of us. 


  1. It makes you wonder how they stay in business. And since when does the creative process have to follow some formula?

    1. If it is a formula it is wrong ! Thanks for sympathy .

  2. If they gave me that kind of attitude, I would have told them to keep their fat quarter and I'd go someplace else that didn't treat me poorly. Unless it was a pattern to absolutely die for. Then I'd buy it, repeating that I wanted a YARD and then tell them I'd make sure not to recommend this place to any quilting neophites as they obviously only cater to "real" quilters. I've been known to embarass people I'm with, but I won't work with rude people; they don't deserve my time nor my money.
    Sorry you had to deal with that.

    1. You crack me up. I don't blow up I just never come back and mention it to others.

  3. My question is why the h-e-double-telephone wouldn't a "real" quilter buy a couple of pieces of fabric in a yard cut? Good grief, if people could only see themselves and realize how they come across. I just don't get it. Did the gals in the store want you to buy enough fabric for a whole quilt or what? And just the fact that they nearly ran you out of the shop because they wanted to close . . . In my opinion, they have no idea how to run a business. So there. I'd never stop there again.

    1. We re closing in 10 min is what floored me . As a small business owner I need my customers. Evenif they are browsing I let them look. You never know their story.

  4. Yeah me!!!!!
    Sorry about your strange encounter :( I love it when people try to teach others what they know without making them feel inferior. Those ladies weren't those kind of people! I wouldn't go back!

    1. I doubt I will go back. Crazy experience for sure. You are welcome and enjoy it.

  5. They keep acting like that and they won't have a store very long. Sorry you had to go thru that. Is there another quilt store you could go to?

    1. Michelle, I was just stopping there because I was within a half hour of there. I don't get down that way as often when they were open so I was trying something new. I have other fabric stores I can go to. One local within 5 mi is very friendly so guess where I'll be going ?