Wednesday, April 16, 2014

27 from 75 =

It was 75* a few days ago.
It was 27* this morning and windy.
We have a lot of ice on our docks.
Docks we need to use.
I still love winter.
I have to laugh at how mad people are that it snowed and iced overnight.
It's April!
Funny stuff, God.
Keep everyone on their toes.

Daffodils do not seem to mind the cold.
I leave you with my 14 yr. olds sonnet for English class.
I am amazed at her depth. 
Click on pic to enlarge.
It's worth it.



  1. I was wearing shorts Monday, it snowed Tuesday, and today it's a windy but nice day. Spring :)

    1. Kelly, I know what you mean. Same here that's why it's funny to me. Never a dull moment.