Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another Spring

Spring is diffidently here.
Sorry MamaPea because I know you are still in the throes of winter.
Here in big ole DE it's warm in the daytime and cooler at night.
I went to LN's soccer game at 5 yesterday in a long sleeve t-shirt and was too hot.
By 7 pm went we went to varsity game I'd pulled on a hoodie and carhartt vest.
It's spring for sure.

Today we unloaded 40 bales of hay we sourced locally after dropping more to 2 customers.
It's getting dicey for our customers.
I'm good personally because I keep buying and replenishing through winter for our gang.
Always prepared?
No just afraid to run out.
It's been a crazy week so far and rest more of same.
Tonight at after she gets done with school soccer practice there are 3 choices for LN to make, a FFA banquet where she receives a degree,
a practice for her travel team, a multi counseling training for 4-H.
Every evening is like this it seems.
Somewhere in there she needs fed and her animals need fed.
This week we've been turning out animals after 9pm but at least there are getting fed.
I'm happy that her school work is on point through all this.
Her report shows all grades 93% and up to 99%.
Smarter than her Mama for sure.


  1. LN's hectic schedule makes it crazy for you, too, I'm sure. Can you make it through the rest of her high school years?

    We are, believe it or not, getting some melting this week. Actually, our temps haven't risen too much (just above freezing) so that the snow is going slowly and not causing any problems . . . which it could if this amount should decide to melt in a hurry!

    1. I survived the other kids high school careers and they were in it at the same time and busy as LN. I just feel over whelmed but honestly when I have a free night I look around confused.