Thursday, April 10, 2014

Any Doubt

If people think it's cruel to dock lambs tails  just look at what happens if you don't.
This lamb is 8 wks old and his butt is coated with manure under his tail. Sheep don't pick up their tails to go so it builds up and causes nasty stuff to grow.
He has been banded and it's almost through so won't be long till he cleans it up as air and gravity take over.
Doesn't stop him from climbing in the ewes feed trough and pigging out .
I ll be glad to wean and sell off lambs this year. They are chowder hounds for sure. 
Ewes be glad to get their youthful feminine figures back as well.


  1. I figured that was the reason people docked lambs' tails, but thanks for the picture. I burn the skulls of my week old goat kids, who am I to question the docking of tails? I find that most of the 'Oh, that's SO cruel and unnatural" group have NEVER even been to a real farm, let alone know the real reasons for the things farmers do for their livestock. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes Carolyn I dehorned goats when I had them also. I'm surprised at our fair the number of exhibitors of animals that won't butcher their animals either. They would rather poison their bodies with processed food. I have customers in my feed store daily telling me that I shouldn't butcher or eat what I grow. They offer to "resue" our market animals. I have seen some of their rescue farms and we are def more humane here.