Friday, April 4, 2014


The bees are back baby!
The holes have begun to open in my cow pen where bumblebees over winter.
Must be spring they say.
I saw it's cold today but getting there.
It's 7:00pm and I'm headed to bed.
It's been a long week with something every night like soccer or 4-h.
Next 2 weeks look worse.
The dress and coat have been gone over for any last minute issues and been pressed.
I delivered her many paged entry form and garments.
Now it's up to the judges for construction   judging this week.
Next Saturday is fashion/modeling part and interview part. 
Tomorrow is clean every pen day and wash and blow out steer day before soccer practice.
Sunday is start fitting steer by clipping head and maybe some of body just to see what's what.
Next week there are 3 school soccer games and I don't know what else.
I'm going to bed.....


  1. You're a way better (wo)man than I am to keep up your schedule! But life is never boring, eh? The trick is to not sit down anytime during the day or you fall asleep!

    1. I actually have done that MamaPea I have sat down and nodded off at lunch lol oh well it happens!