Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Buttons, buttons

The clandestine meeting took place in broad daylight in a pharmacy parking lot beside a main highway.
I met a woman driving a grey Forester.
She showed me the goods.
I chose my poison.
Paid in cash.
Hightailed it out of there.
Got it figured out yet?

I joined a local Facebook page that is an online type yard sale.
I'm always on the lookout for buttons we can use on garments and crafts.
Stores are unreliable on quantity and boring in selection the majority of the time I have found.
Buttons are expensive.
This lady brought me a few as samples but says she has a roomful to sort through.
She bought them to make jewelry and use to embellish crafts.
She sold me these for $10.00.

Not horrible considering most buttons cost $3.00 or more per card and if individual a lot more per piece.
These are cool ...
I think these are nice too.
She going to sort me some more large ones suitable for coat buttons.
I explained the type of clothing we make.
We struggle to find appropriate buttons each year for LN's outfits.
Maybe this contact will ease the struggle a bit.


  1. I just got a ton of vintage buttons. I will look through them and see if there is any cool big ones and send them to you guys :)

    1. Kelly, that would be awesome I am more than happy to pay for them also.

  2. You may have made a good connection there! (Sounds like Kelly might be able to help, too.) At the price of buttons in a store, ya gotta get 'em when and where ya can!