Monday, April 14, 2014

The nerve

Apparently the birds are trying to tell me something! 
Spring is here. It was almost 80* yesterday. Not cool and I mean that figuratively and literally. The fields are being sprayed off and plowed under. This is near me after spraying the field on right. I think it's pretty when it turns orangey yellow. I'm wierd. 

S finally cut a tree off my arena fence yesterday. It's been there 3 yrs. I threatened him with having my 15 yr old neighbor do it. He said he hadn't because I never specifically said " let's go cut and haul that tree away and fix the fence for the animals". Well ok then if I have to treat you like a child I can but seriously get some gumption man. I've asked him to do it multiple times but apparently he was waiting on me to accompany him . He doesn't help with 99.9% of what I do but I am independent and he's NOT. Yes I'm venting about my lazy husband. I need .... I ll just stop there . But I'm thinking it. I am.

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