Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Fussiness

S and I took care of a few fussiness things today.
Things were fine but if I had my druthers as they say...

After weighing the market hogs it was decided to cut rations on one and bulk the other.
If you watch them eat the larger one bullies the other barrow and is the same way about water too.
I don't want to seperate them completely as they are on the only available concrete so they can't tear up the dirt floor areas.
Therefore we will seperate during feedings, sounds good ?
Ya know how when you start a "simple" fix it snowballs?
Yea it did!
We put a small pen outside the main pen which is where the white feed pan is .
But it had to be acessible for humans and strong for hogs.
This gate was left outside and was froze up.
 That meant a lot of wd40 or the like. That meant a lot of bad words. 
That meant "let's heat it up". 
That meant " we need another bottle of oxygen, I ll be right back". 
That meant "hold this bar here and push".
We finally freed it up but man ....
Of course that led to...
Changing this gates lags and hinges so it swings opposite so LN isn't fighting to go around it with her steer on a tiny walkway.
See the telephone post?
She ties her steers to it to wash them.
But the tin sometimes gets in the way and is sharp on her hands.
Sometimes it would be nice to have their heads higher so they stand still.
So we hung a ring about five and a half or six foot up in the post.
R and Z probably will be upset we didn't fix any of these issues when they were here with their animals .
As soon as all the kinks are worked out I ll be an empty nester I know.

When all was completed as S was putting his tools away he commented " I've done a lot today but none for myself".
Welcome to being a parent!


  1. Men!!!! Mine man is a big brat when I take up his precious time on helping me with "my things"
    He started running off to the pond to fish so I couldn't ask him to do anything :/

    1. Kelly, Mine hates doing anything when I ask. He does it on his schedule which is slow maybe even years down the road. He is a major procrastinator. I thought I was but he puts me to shame.