Saturday, May 17, 2014


All is quiet in the barn.
Pen gates swing open.

Head gate is abandoned.
LN and her dad headed out at 6:45 am to the show.
S is on the committee so has to go early to weigh in and tag animals.
I'm at the store working till noon then heading down.
LN doesn't show till early afternoon.
The morning show is a jackpot show we don't enter.
She uses the extra time to get animals ready.

Welcome to the show season legs.
Some of it is mud but some is NOT.

LN sheared her 2 market lambs last night.
Their skin is so thin it looks like we cut them but no we did not.
No blood just red bruising.
We use surgical blades so can't get much closer shear but those marks show.
Weirdly both lambs stood fine except their head work.
Usually the 1st shearing is a rodeo of jumping, twisting and general body throwing down mess.
Both have enough hamp in them to have wooly heads that need sheared or at least blended in.
They were not impressed with the blades so close to their faces.
LN was done in record time and was pleased with the results.
You just never know what is under that wool , it's a pleasant surprise this time. 

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