Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Musings

A little heart that showed up when LN was washing her steer Sunday.
Not planned just happened as the best things always do.
Wood on the back of the barn overhang . Hard to tell but it has a red paint still in the wood after 40 yrs of weathering.
Early Madre's Day gifts from my girls.
R came up as usual on her day off.
We unloaded shavings into the funnel body, walked pigs and weighed them, sorted lambs ,cleaned steer pen together and went grocery shopping for her.
Quite the variety but it's easy between us, we gossip and discuss life issues.
We make a good team!
R gave me my presents from her and LN.
One's idea, the other shopped for em.
The most comfortable shoes ever.
They gave me another pair 2 yrs ago that I love and am wearing out.
This time they threw in flip flops by the same company.
Sanuks are the bomb.
Comfort is key for me !


  1. What sweet girls!!!! Your lucky they help out! My girls go outside and say "when did we get these rabbits" its annoying!!!
    Comfortable is the only way to go :))

    1. Kelly, That's funny. A friend of mine bought a goat for his daughter telling her she had to take care of it or he'd sell it. She paid attention for 2 days, he waited 2 weeks then sold it. She realized it a month after that. LOL