Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh yea

Brace face is no more , wed LN had them removed.
She s a happy girl. 
Retainer to be inserted Friday but still ecstatic .
Can't you tell? 

Weekend Finds

Last weekend I went to help my friend's daughter move into college.
I posted about that.
That was Friday during the day.
Friday evening we ate at Shady Maple Smorgasbord in Blue Ball, Pa.
It is a euphoric experience.
If you ever have the chance to go there you will not regret it.
I get up about 4 times a year and waddle for days but it is soooo gooodddd.
After we went to the dry goods store nearby and I shopped a little ;]
It originally catered to the local Amish and Mennonite population but as happens we 'English' screwed that up and it is becoming more touristy.
But the fabric and craft section hasn't !
Oh the choices and affordability.
The lady I was with liked her daughters quilt and now wants one for herself.
I had her show me the colors she liked then they dsappeared and I dove into nirvana.
On Saturday we antiqued and junk saled through part of Lancaster county in PA.
They found items for their Christmas gift list and their kids.
I restrained myself nicely I think.
All together I found...

The pattern were 25 cents each and are right up LN's style alley and her size to boot.

Hopefully the darker reds on top left test out as wool crepe like they feel.
The 2 rodeo print in bottom left will make nice kids quilts maybe.
The bear print will work with other hunting types I already have.
The 2 mauves are for my friend.
The blue dots I love as well as the red/white and blue print .
LN loves the green/blue print.
All and all a fun time was had and not a lot spent so no guilt to bear.
LN started back to school and the nightmare of returning to the gym began.
I'm sore after the last few days but it is good for me I'm told.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Done in Nick of Time...

4:30 am tomorrow I leave with this beautiful girl to move her to Elizabethtown College in PA.
She is pursuing a PR degree with plans to rule the world!
This picture was from her cousins bridal shower a few weeks ago. She s a bridesmaid and LN & I attended as friends.
This week I scrambled but persevered with her graduation quilt.
My 1st larger than crib size quilt on my machine. 
Bulky but walking foot helped.
I don't know what I did math wise but I made at least double the binding I actually used .
I watched a cool Craftsey video for sewing a mite red corner easily.
It worked too! 
Lots of hand sewing of the binding but I actually like hand sewing.
Hope she likes and uses it.
I'm going to miss her bubbly personality and straight forward attitude.
Another chick even though I didn't hatch her flying the nest.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Space occupied ...

Loft over the loading shed is 5' high sloped  to 2 1/2'. It looks over the hogs , steers and horse. It was empty this morning.
Cept' the spiders in the corners :/-
Then ...
Truck and trailer full of straw showed up.
It comes off the elavator where S stands and throws it (about 20')over to loft door where "Vertically Challenged One" ie: Me awaits.
Presto whatever the phrase is it magically fills. Well actually I hunch over and shove it in each nook and cranny! It's not stacked like regular it's just stuffed in. Maximize space don't cha know?
Time to rinse chaff off and fetch youngun from 1st day of tryouts .
She fueled her gullet while dog begged this mornng.

Dang I need to strip 
and paint the doorway 
and replace the floor 
and walls 
and cabinets 
and etc. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


If you are part of a family I have a question and we all are, good or bad!
Think back to childhood or in the present with or of your family walking.
Are the parents leading with the children walking behind
or are the children walking in front with the parents pushing or following them forward?
I am always observing as I am curious.
I think psychology would have been interesting if my finances would have provided an education beyond high school.
I know, I know I could go now but doubtful I would for that.
I think I've learned that mixing 2 individuals with each coming from different ways,
 1 led, 1 pushed or followed 
doesn't work.
Fundamentally each way can be positive and each way can be negative.
However I don't feel they are compatible with each other.
One seems to feel entitled with the other being more giving.
Seems that would work, right?
But most successes seem to be with like minded I'm finding.
Curiosity killed the cat, right?
Stick a fork in me!
In other news, one steer went to freezer camp Monday and one hog week before.
2nd steer is not happy.
Remaining hog is not happy either.
Ram is not getting busy but there is time.
Summer reading is proceeding well for LN.
Her 4 books assigned are down to 1 left to read and 2 reports to finish.
Julius Caesar is left to read.
She is used to Shakespeare's writing so that shouldn't be as difficult as Huck Finn was.
LN is more ridged and  logical and Mark Twain is not, too phonetic for her mind.
Tryouts start for field hockey at 7:45 am Friday, her birthday.
Her goal is varsity.
She likes to succeed so here we go.
R and I went shopping with her today and R got her an obscenely expensive jeans for her present.
I gifted her last week with her field hockey purchases.
They are great jeans that cover "parts" nicely shall we say but still DANG!
Sticker shock...
I found the most soft, comfortable t-shirts at Gap on sale also.
I'm a tactile person as are all my offspring so it matters.
Travel soccer practices have began 2 nights a week.
Thursday LN & I (mostly her, I'm back-up for questions) have to present 4-H projects to
adult instructors who have no idea what members do in different projects.
She was chosen because she's done most of the projects involved.
Hmmm, what does that mean?
Saturday I think she has a playdate for field hockey already.
That night I believe some close friends are taking her Cosmic bowling for her birthday.
Wow, seems busy but it's our lives, we deal.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hot night fun

What a way to end a hot even g bit loading hay and delivering it to S's cousin.
Itchy and twitchy was I till I showered after.
It's nothing special grass hay and light bales but she was happy. 
The dog days have arrived in Delaware.
The ram marked one ewe lightly last night  but he's looking for feed instead of romance.
Hope he minds his buisness!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ram Time

Here comes the loving girls.
Let's make babies!

Let it go?

This morning before going to her camp counseling gig I took LN in for her routine 6 month dental checkup.
Guess what?
No seriously guess????????
She has an abscess in her bottom front teeth caused by long term facial trauma.
Long term as in 7 yrs ago when that Bastard wrecked into up drunk.
Apparently it takes a long time to show up in kids.
She now has to endure a root canal treatment at 14 yrs old through no fault of her own.
No excessive sweet eating or not brushing or flossing enough, nope none of that.
I get told by a person to let it go, let the anger go a lot.
Really? Let this go?
That bastard as I refer to him just keeps slamming into us almost daily.
This is so frustrating to explain to a kid why she has to pay constantly because he needed a "few" beers.
Hell at 51 I don't understand it myself.
I wish he would have lived.
I do so he could have paid for his beers in blood.
Yep I'm angry and would have felt no regrets beating the hell out of him repeatedly.
So I just let it go all over you guys.
Nope not feeling much better.
How bout you guys?
In other normal news I'm picking a ram up today to begin the process all over for next year.
I still need to treat 1 ewes feet if I can snag her before he comes for his date.
Feet are such an issue this yr.
I need to blood test 2 cows next week too.
Fingers, toes and legs crossed they are preggers.
A 3rd cow is due early Sept so hoping that goes well.
At least its not snowing and sleeting as happens in spring births.
Hopefully a nice fall baby.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Present and accounted for.
I'm just recovering from fair.
I need to sort out the steers and who wants what as far as quarters or halves.
I need to make appts. at butchers for 1st steer also.
2nd steer and hog will wait till Sept 1 when Amish butcher I prefer opens back up.
LN and I went into PA about 2 hrs away to get her birthday present Friday.
I took her to a field hockey supply store.
She'll be 15 on the 15th but will be at an all day tryout and next week she is a camp counselor all week so Friday was it.
She managed to find a new stick and a rugby shirt and shin guards and etc.
It's all good, she looked at me to approve when to stop.
She did comment on how high some prices were as well.
She's getting it.
She says she'll not own a credit card because that is stupid.
I hope she holds to that awhile.
Today was a cold for August 2nd Peach Festival.
We manned the free ice cream booth for FFA and 4-H holding collection jars if people would like to donate to either organization.
Tomorrow a friend is turning 9 and having a frog birthday party.
She asked LN and her other guests to bring a frog to race.
Should be fun.
This was taken at fair.
The 4-H awards program was attended by a few senators, congressman and candidates taking advantage of campaigning during this election year.
Two of these with LN were here last yr as well and were familiar with LN.
Hence the laughing as she cracked jokes with them during her multiple trips up to receive her awards.
Gosh, record books are due soon and rate of gain forms.
Already turned in her officer nomination forms for upcoming 4-H yr which begins Sept 1st.
Keeps me young, right?