Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hot night fun

What a way to end a hot even g bit loading hay and delivering it to S's cousin.
Itchy and twitchy was I till I showered after.
It's nothing special grass hay and light bales but she was happy. 
The dog days have arrived in Delaware.
The ram marked one ewe lightly last night  but he's looking for feed instead of romance.
Hope he minds his buisness!


  1. Ah, yes, I well remember the haying days back in Illinois. And you always had to work with the darn stuff on the hottest days of the year!

    I'm signing off here and going to the dump with hubby (one of our usual social outings) to unload a (heavy) trailer load of torn off roofing material. I shouldn't complain though 'cause our temp is only hovering around 80°. Could be a lot worse!

    Tell that ram of yours no romance, no feed!

    1. Oooo a date at the dump. So romantic! I think we're headed there tomorrow and long overdue too ;], Our temps are dropping which makes me happy.