Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let it go?

This morning before going to her camp counseling gig I took LN in for her routine 6 month dental checkup.
Guess what?
No seriously guess????????
She has an abscess in her bottom front teeth caused by long term facial trauma.
Long term as in 7 yrs ago when that Bastard wrecked into up drunk.
Apparently it takes a long time to show up in kids.
She now has to endure a root canal treatment at 14 yrs old through no fault of her own.
No excessive sweet eating or not brushing or flossing enough, nope none of that.
I get told by a person to let it go, let the anger go a lot.
Really? Let this go?
That bastard as I refer to him just keeps slamming into us almost daily.
This is so frustrating to explain to a kid why she has to pay constantly because he needed a "few" beers.
Hell at 51 I don't understand it myself.
I wish he would have lived.
I do so he could have paid for his beers in blood.
Yep I'm angry and would have felt no regrets beating the hell out of him repeatedly.
So I just let it go all over you guys.
Nope not feeling much better.
How bout you guys?
In other normal news I'm picking a ram up today to begin the process all over for next year.
I still need to treat 1 ewes feet if I can snag her before he comes for his date.
Feet are such an issue this yr.
I need to blood test 2 cows next week too.
Fingers, toes and legs crossed they are preggers.
A 3rd cow is due early Sept so hoping that goes well.
At least its not snowing and sleeting as happens in spring births.
Hopefully a nice fall baby.


  1. I know the accident situation is understandably a hard one for you to deal with. (It definitely would be for me!) And venting sometimes helps. There's so much in our world that "isn't fair" and you having to continually pay (both financially and emotionally) for a drunkard's irresponsibility is not fair, for sure. Thank the powers that be you still have your beautiful daughter(s) with you. I'm all for making arrests for driving under the influence (of alcohol or drugs) much, much stricter than they are. Driving drunk is like play Russian roulette with the lives of innocent people.

    1. As the saying goes I agree Sista! I'm am thankful I have my kids everyday even the difficult days. A friend lost her 17 yr old because of a drunk driver. The pain is horrible!