Friday, August 15, 2014

Space occupied ...

Loft over the loading shed is 5' high sloped  to 2 1/2'. It looks over the hogs , steers and horse. It was empty this morning.
Cept' the spiders in the corners :/-
Then ...
Truck and trailer full of straw showed up.
It comes off the elavator where S stands and throws it (about 20')over to loft door where "Vertically Challenged One" ie: Me awaits.
Presto whatever the phrase is it magically fills. Well actually I hunch over and shove it in each nook and cranny! It's not stacked like regular it's just stuffed in. Maximize space don't cha know?
Time to rinse chaff off and fetch youngun from 1st day of tryouts .
She fueled her gullet while dog begged this mornng.

Dang I need to strip 
and paint the doorway 
and replace the floor 
and walls 
and cabinets 
and etc. 


  1. Dang, you look GOOD for having just moved 2 tons of straw! You have such a lovely smile.

    1. Thank you MamaPea I do not agree but I do t feel I photograph well. We don't kill ourselves unloading just steady as she goes :)