Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Busy Bee

Each night is consumed with activities for LN.
Still more she has to pull away from.
Popular kid gets grumpy about it but when asked what she wants to quit?
She freaks out and says none of it.
She is finally getting a rhythm to her school life.
Each morning she packs a bag for her practice after school field hockey.
Then she packs her travel soccer bag if its Mon or Wed for her practices after field hockey.
Monday is within a half hour but Wednesday is an hour away.

I pack her food and she eats in my truck and sometimes does homework also.
Home after practices she showers, eats more, homework and crashes.
Next day rinse and repeat.
Weirdly now after a few weeks of this she's actually thriving and looking happy.
Game days are Tuesday and Wednesday for field hockey with some Saturdays thrown in.
Travel soccer games are split of Saturdays and Sundays.
4-H jumps in when ever we can make it.
Otherwise calf is doing well.
Very independent little dude....
Flies still are horrible but weather is changing.
Ram is leaving girls alone so I hope he did his business well.
My son Z is settling on his 1st home this Friday.
I'm proud of him doing this at 23.
I think I'll go shopping and fill him up on pantry items and groceries.
Good housewarming gift????
I'll try to update as I can .
I think I have some free time in Dec 2018.


  1. My oldest daughter was busy like that. She was in volleyball, softball, band, basketball, and took horse riding (jumping) lessons. She is the daughter who is now a US soldier. I loved going to the games too. I had to laugh at your last line in the post. I remember those days.

    1. Kristina I did the same for the older ones so I don't feel I can say enough yet ;) she will be through high school before I blink.

  2. You're just being a super mom! ('Course there ain't no "just" in being a mom, if you do a decent job of it!) If LN truly enjoys (and she sure seems to) all that she's involved in, then it's good for her. If you can just summon up the energy to make it through the next few years with her . . . ;o]

    We'll all remember who you are even if you don't find time to post much! But your posts are always good to see.

    1. She is enjoying it and will be somewhat less busy during winter season so I'm holding on. I can get through and enjoy my last child I keep repeating myself. Life is too short.