Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Circle ...

The circle of life is coming back around.
This morning before taking LN to school we loaded her last steer to head to the butcher shop. After changing into workout clothes I walked to my truck with LN and saw this....
Cow - Gemstone was due in a coue of days. Shorthorns don't have large bags so looking at that doesn't give me much help. It seems Gem popped out a bull calf near dawn with no issues. I found him curled up near momma clean and dry. 
Flies are killing the cows this week with highs near 95* all week.
This afternoon I went looking for calf and momma just to check in while the water trough was filling up.
I saw all 3 cows laying together . I walked around Gem and saw nothing. The hunt was on for calf.
You see him?
Getting warmer...
I found him tucked away about 200' away from momma. She came over as I rubbed him while he was curled up. I haven't seen him nurse but he goes hunting so I'm confident he s ok. He went up and down the 200' arena several times and is panting but that's to be expected in this nasty weather.
A very nice surprise this morning.


  1. Pretty baby . . . but those dang flies! I'm sure the animals will be glad to see fall weather come along with the humans who will appreciate the same.

    1. Cooler weather is coming through sat night and into sunday, about a 20* difference. I can not wait.

  2. What a lovely calf! The flies are horrid here, too. Can't wait until fly season is over - even if it means freeze season is upon us.