Sunday, October 5, 2014

Smiling :)

I received a nice surprise late last week.
It is a neat fall mug coaster in a Log Cabin pattern from MamaPea from A Homegrown Journal blog.
Just what the Doctor ordered!!!
A little pick me up cause I matter gift!
So thoughtful and cute with the leaf note and harvest backing.
LN examined the stitching MamaPea!
Your binding stitches are so even she says.
Thanks for making my week!


  1. Aw, you're so very welcome, Lisa. Although I'm not a great fan of technology, I have to admit that I've "met" some truly wonderful people through my blogging and you are without a doubt one of them.

    As you know, summer time doesn't leave us much of any free time for things like quilting but come this time of year, my fingers actually itch to get back in my quilt room. And since autumn is my favorite time of year (and color palette!) I really, really enjoyed playing around with the rug mugs!

    Tell LN thanks for the favorable critique!