Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All Done (almost)

All done with Christmas decorations.
Tree is down and out on porch and decorations put away almost.
Except 2 small rugs still drying on the line.
I think the house is  brighter but colder without all the mass of things out.
The tree blocks western light in living room.
Most of gifts have been given, one family left to visit.
R gave me Isotoner slippers.
Just in time my old pair was worn completely down to base skeleton.
These are so comfortable I forget they are on.
2 Amazon cards were appreciated and a Fitbit bracelet received.
I'm learning what all it records and how to sync it for results.
LN had a good Christmas giving and receiving.
She was proud of her gifts she picked out and gave to us.
Said it is the 1st year she feels she did a good job earning and buying nice things.
She doesn't understand those silly, goofy homemade gifts were awesome to her Mama.
I understand her new grown up view though.
She played in an indoor tournament this past weekend.
Long and tiring but good time after eating out with another family whose daughter plays with LN.
Much laughter and silliness ensued.
Time to start gym trainings again.
I've slacked last few weeks but time to get back to it.
Enjoy the New Year but be safe my friends!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Handmade Goodies

Now that the fat guy has sung...
Here's some homemade goodies to peruse....
R is always cold in her unheated (except one wall propane unit downstairs) bedroom.
She had a tied fleece blanket that was 7 or 8 yrs old and well worn and short to boot.
So I made her a larger new one.
Reversible and tied in a Scooby Doo fabric bag. 

I use as many fabric bags as I can.
I didn't want Z to be cold either in his new house so he received one also.
He loves his trucks and camo so it fit.
Not tied but doubled back inside small slits in each set of ties.
Didn't take a picture but looked cool with less bulk.

My neighbor loves penquins.
I had the center panel containing 4 squares and 2 edge narrow panels I cut off and repositioned.
I added white and checked fabric as well as flannel backing.
She freezes all the time so doubled up on batting for extra warmth.
It's been dreary for weeks so no good pictures, sorry.

And to be truthful I messed up on cutting the backing.
I ended up too short on one end.
Haven't figured it all out but I pulled binding on that end all the way to the flannel and sewed it down.
The other 3 sides were even.

In the end it looked fine like it was planned but I'll be surprised if one ever turns out perfect.
She loved it so that's all that mattered.
Merry Christmas Ya'll

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas to Me !!!

I jumped on Facebook this afternoon to browse. I joined a few yard sale pages that are local. I've not seen anything interesting since I've joined them until today. 
For $35.00 I bought me a present.
I saw it, commented "I want this" to the seller, got directions, went to fetch it; all in an hour's time. That's how excited I was and am!
It's a sewing cabinet that has storage. A step up from my folding table huh?
Look what I procured !!!
These pictures are borrowed from online sites. I found it new for about $135.00.
Saving $100.00 makes me happy, happy, happy!!!

Closed up which it will never be I bet.
It's on rollers that can lock.

My extra machine can be stored on shelf while my quilting machine is up top.
I love my Christmas present to myself.
Of course now I have to rearrange my sewing cave which means cleaning and organizing. I still have gifts to finish as well. Best get up early and get to it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Me and the Big Guy

Bought me a new Christmas shirt...
Justa and the Big Guy and our favorite beverage which I try to not partake of much.
I do love me some Coke though.
Girls took picture and hate it as well.
Oh well I yam who I yam!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


It's flurrying but I can't figure out how to show it in pictures.
Nothing much is laying but definitely causing usual panic.
Customers swarming in to get dog bedding materials, ie: shavings or straw.
Horse people seem to be better prepared.
I am always busier when weather gets bad.
S is away in Vegas visiting with his oldest son who is roping in USTR finals.
I haven't heard much so guess he isn't bringing big bucks home.
Still running LN everywhere.
Tonight is 2nd indoor soccer game with her school team.
There are 2 teams playing from her school and tonight it's against each other.
Doesn't make for much cohesiveness.
Oh well...
Lambs due in a few weeks so I better clean birthing jugs and prepare soon.
Tomorrow.... ;]

Monday, December 8, 2014

Good Talk/Speech

At the recent Northeast Regional Volunteer Forum I attended we had a speaker that was creative. He spoke of the origins of the Cooperative Extention which is the basis of 4-H in America.

 As he related the facts beginning with Abraham Lincoln 
through the present 
he drew in charcoal the corresponding images. The paper spanned the dividing wall between the banquet halls we used.
It was inspiring to some of us who didn't know the history.
He dressed the part and held our attention for over an hour. Sorry I don't remember his name and I've lost the paper program where it was listed. I do think he was from New York. 
Creativity at its finest.