Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All Done (almost)

All done with Christmas decorations.
Tree is down and out on porch and decorations put away almost.
Except 2 small rugs still drying on the line.
I think the house is  brighter but colder without all the mass of things out.
The tree blocks western light in living room.
Most of gifts have been given, one family left to visit.
R gave me Isotoner slippers.
Just in time my old pair was worn completely down to base skeleton.
These are so comfortable I forget they are on.
2 Amazon cards were appreciated and a Fitbit bracelet received.
I'm learning what all it records and how to sync it for results.
LN had a good Christmas giving and receiving.
She was proud of her gifts she picked out and gave to us.
Said it is the 1st year she feels she did a good job earning and buying nice things.
She doesn't understand those silly, goofy homemade gifts were awesome to her Mama.
I understand her new grown up view though.
She played in an indoor tournament this past weekend.
Long and tiring but good time after eating out with another family whose daughter plays with LN.
Much laughter and silliness ensued.
Time to start gym trainings again.
I've slacked last few weeks but time to get back to it.
Enjoy the New Year but be safe my friends!

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  1. We need to get back to the gym here as well. Happy New Year!