Thursday, December 25, 2014

Handmade Goodies

Now that the fat guy has sung...
Here's some homemade goodies to peruse....
R is always cold in her unheated (except one wall propane unit downstairs) bedroom.
She had a tied fleece blanket that was 7 or 8 yrs old and well worn and short to boot.
So I made her a larger new one.
Reversible and tied in a Scooby Doo fabric bag. 

I use as many fabric bags as I can.
I didn't want Z to be cold either in his new house so he received one also.
He loves his trucks and camo so it fit.
Not tied but doubled back inside small slits in each set of ties.
Didn't take a picture but looked cool with less bulk.

My neighbor loves penquins.
I had the center panel containing 4 squares and 2 edge narrow panels I cut off and repositioned.
I added white and checked fabric as well as flannel backing.
She freezes all the time so doubled up on batting for extra warmth.
It's been dreary for weeks so no good pictures, sorry.

And to be truthful I messed up on cutting the backing.
I ended up too short on one end.
Haven't figured it all out but I pulled binding on that end all the way to the flannel and sewed it down.
The other 3 sides were even.

In the end it looked fine like it was planned but I'll be surprised if one ever turns out perfect.
She loved it so that's all that mattered.
Merry Christmas Ya'll


  1. Beautiful, thoughtful, very useful gifts that I'm sure will be much loved and appreciated. (Where'd you find the time??)

    1. MamaPea sometimes you just "gotta do what ya gotta do" lol seriously I stole few minutes her and there mostly wasted tv time put to much better use.

  2. I have made fleece blankets before, but not the fabric bags. I'll have to remember that for next year. Great idea too!

    1. Kristina, We've been using fabric bags for a few yrs now. Sometimes we just tie them shut or I make a channel with ribbon or cording to pull tight. Sure beats wrapping paper mess. Kids still like wrapping paper but I'm weaning them off it.