Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas to Me !!!

I jumped on Facebook this afternoon to browse. I joined a few yard sale pages that are local. I've not seen anything interesting since I've joined them until today. 
For $35.00 I bought me a present.
I saw it, commented "I want this" to the seller, got directions, went to fetch it; all in an hour's time. That's how excited I was and am!
It's a sewing cabinet that has storage. A step up from my folding table huh?
Look what I procured !!!
These pictures are borrowed from online sites. I found it new for about $135.00.
Saving $100.00 makes me happy, happy, happy!!!

Closed up which it will never be I bet.
It's on rollers that can lock.

My extra machine can be stored on shelf while my quilting machine is up top.
I love my Christmas present to myself.
Of course now I have to rearrange my sewing cave which means cleaning and organizing. I still have gifts to finish as well. Best get up early and get to it.


  1. Good grief, Lisa, that was a HUGE bargain! Plus, if it ever is folded up, it makes such an attractive piece of furniture. I am truly amazed at the deal you got. What a push to dive in and get your sewing "cave" cleaned and organized and all set to go for the rest of the winter!