Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's not fair!!!

It's not fair!
That was the name of LN's speech today in her 4-H County Public Speaking contest.
She did a good job.
Maybe needed to look a bit more out into the audience instead of only at the judges but good job.
It was on the subject of equality for female athletes.
She researched it and presented well enough to win a blue ribbon.
We use the Dutch system where each member can earn a blue if they
 fulfill the standards for the contest.
I knew she would win a blue but I didn't know she'd win
the Senior category!!!
The girls are lined up from right to left, 1st-3rd.
Nice Sunday...
I put a roast with celery, onion and carrots in the crockpot about 8:30 am.
Ranch potatoes went in 2nd crockpot about 11:00am before we headed to contest.
Came home about 5:00pm.
House smells good and supper was almost done.
The smaller crock of potatoes I didn't have high enough to soften potatoes.
I dumped them in casserole dish and put them in oven for an hour.
Fed and played with sheep and came in to eat.
Nice Sunday before the questionable storms arrive.
I've heard barely any to 2" and another predicts a foot or more.
LN and I fly out really early Wednesday to Nevada for MIWW contest.
I need to get to airport 2 hours away in Baltimore.
Fingers crossed and toes and limbs and ....
You guys up north have no idea how bad it gets in DE when snow arrives.
No road salting or cinders, plowing days after if at all, it sucks.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Two won and one big un...

Our last ewe delivered a whopper last night.
He's the size of 2 lambs combined.
Hoss as I'm calling him weighed 18# at birth.
Right after birth he stood up and can't fit under her belly.

S was home, LN and I were at her indoor soccer game.
Won 9-2 but not important ;]
 S said head was turned back.
He said he used 3 fingers to shove legs back in and he turned head easily.
She delivered with next push.
Mama and Hoss are doing fine.
Yesterday was delivery day in other ways as well.
I have been on a little lucky streak with giveaways and 2 of them came in the mail
sent me this...
The covered bowl is so cute.
LN already claimed in as she opened the box.

She's graciously allowed me one cookie before stealing them too.
I did get the tea as she doesn't drink it.
Second envelope was from Michelle in Wyoming....
4 quilt patterns that I love.
Alas LN claimed one also ;]`.

Photobomber at her best!
I just won a giveaway on Instagram also.
I'm feeling lucky!
I signed up for a $50,000.00 and new car giveaway at Flyers game.
What do you think do I have a shot???

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Activity Overload

Ok, let me see if I have this straight.
Sunday the 18th the 1st ewe had a set of twins.
Monday LN had holiday and other than studying for exams starting today had no plans.
We cleaned main pen where ewes come into to get water and built creep pen.
Tuesday at 5:00 am I found a 1st time ewe with a dried off single lamb, biggy too.
 LN received a Christmas present of tickets to her (and my) 1st ice hockey game for Tuesday night.
Plans were for R & S2 to meet me at home at 2:30pm to go pick LN up at school by 3:00pm
 then head to Philadelphia.
We weren't sure of commuter traffic and figured we'd eat up there before game (another saga).
I shuffled ewes and lambs around, fed up, watered and generally settled all for the night at 2:00pm.
I changed and waited, not patiently either.
No R & S2...
WTH I hate making plans and then nada, maybe ocd more like inconsiderate...
But I digress ;]~
Called R, she had lame excuse and said, "go fetch LN we'll meet you at home after".
I'm now 10 min from school let out time.
LN's school has over 2,000 students.1,900 are picked up.
Why with buses I don't know.
Anyhow I went around the block and ended up in Cuba parking.
Finally snagged a spot, waited while 1,000 parents who can't drive picked up their 'angels'.
The ones playing hooky smoking across the road came across too and got in their Mamas cars.
Why their parents don't smell the weed I don't know either.
As they walk past me I smell it but maybe they don't care Johnny is high and cutting class.
Finally my ray of sunshine arrives and we book ( telling my age with that word) it home.
LN has major anxiety and flips out cause "we're going to miss game and be late".
As we head from school S texts my phone with "More Lambs".
I just checked butts and nada 20 min ago.
Rush home, throw on boots and crap hoody over clean shirt.
Rearrange pens again as quick as possible while LN changes and eats.
R "helps" deliver 1st lamb.
S should have texted "bubble showing".
I moved single lamb ewe to smaller pen and grabbed just born lamb leading ewe into that pen.
In about 2 minutes a 2nd lamb showed its face and dropped.
Ok grab a new water bucket, grain and hay.
Set up the new birth ewe with necessities and ewe I moved with single.
S2 and LN with her school work get in truck.
R and I clean up and we're off to Philadelphia.

Really good seats and great game.
Expensive as all get out though.
We spent easily $100.00 on cheesesteaks, sodas and fries not counting the beer S2 bought.
We didn't hit traffic on way up or back, pulled in drive at 12:05am.
LN studied during intermissions and on way home.
Today is her most difficult class AP Gov.
Hope she did well.
R & S2 leave, LN heads off to bed.
I change again and head to barn, refill water, check bellies are full and general well fair.
Off to bed...
Up at 5 to check and refill , nothing happening.
Back to bed for few hours.
S wakes me with more lambs again!

My day begins again with cleaning pens, moving "older" deliveries to other pens, bringing in new deliveries, filling water, regular chores and such.
While juggling pens the single lamb ewe who delivered yesterday morning about 5 am tried to jump out of her jug.
She was so anxious to be with her friends who I had locked outside while I cleaned main area.
I was worried since it's her 1st time she wouldn't keep up with her lamb who is big and sassy but needs her Mama to stay that way.
I tried giving her a bigger pen, turned on radio and kept talking to her.
Nope she was out of there and jumped over gate.
I let in her buddy and penned them in main area with the lamb.
Went to other stall where I have 2 other ewes and lambs and came back to this...
Standoff at the OK Corral.
Buddy wanted to butt lamb and new Mama got a clue and said NO!
They spent a few minutes head slamming before I locked buddy ewe back out.
New Mama is going to have to deal with being alone a little while.
I'll re-pen her beside big area soon but wanted her feisty lamb to romp and roam in big pen awhile.
It's too crusty, icy, hard to walk and some muddy parts outside for a lamb whose Mama isn't quite with the program yet of protection and staying close by.
She'll be fine I figure but some extra time will help.
She's ok with whatever I choose just wants some chin scratching.

I put Sunday born set and ewe outside today with other unbred ewes and one to go ewe.
 The lambs found the hay feeder is very comfy on
this cold, blustery day.
Storm is coming and we're on edge of could be/ could not ice/snow mix.
Have to keep watch.
I'm tired...
One ewe to go, I can do this!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Early View

I am NOT an early riser given a choice. Many people who blog that I follow talk about the peace and tranquility of pre dawn or dawn rising.
 Not me I LOVE SLEEP! 
Always have , always will...
I work hard and get things done but I like sleep. There is nothing better than crawling into my bed, face planting, lots of covers and quilts and snoozing.
Well almost nothing...
This 5am view is pretty cool too.
Teenage pregnancy at its finest as well.
S and I go round and round about under but almost yearling ewes being bred. He feels they have to earn their way and can finish growing up as their pregnancy advances. I disagree and usually stand my ground. This year was bad year with us and I caved and threw 2 young ewes in with the ram for a few days. 
Yep he got at least one. 
When I went out to check at 5 I saw a 11# ewe lamb toddling around dry and sassy. On the wrong side of the gate though :/. I picked cutie up and Miss "I'm almost a grow up " came running to the gate in protest. A quick swap of jug inhabitates and some flashlight recon outside to see if a single was it and all was well. Mama and girl reunited, a lil feed and water given, nursing confirmed and back to house I tottled.
I'm on sofa now with covers and pillow.
Gotta go back out , soon , just in case...
But for now , nap time .

Monday, January 19, 2015

Needed did...

Now that I'm down to one market show kiddo it's time to downsize . We don't need room for 8 combo of market lambs and goats. LN gave up goats 2 yrs ago and can only exhibit 2 market lambs at fair. 
When we breed our ewes and babies are 3 or do weeks old we begin creep feeding. The pen we build is bulky in the corner of the main pen which is small because we never intended to keep breed ewes either. 
So me and my homey LN did this...
After cleaning the manure up...
And deconstructing 3 individual feeding stalls (leaving 4 which is still too much unless we raise extras).
It only protrudes out and foot or so at an angle instead of 4ft squared off pen.
Progress and streamlining makes me happy.
As does my 'lil' lamb holding a lil lamb.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


It begins
Funny thing (not funny to me )....
This ewe was marked on 6th and 27th.
It's the 18th...
Gull Dangit...
Now I have no idear what to do ya'll.
Limited space to pen up and pouring buckets. 
Grateful they are healthy though.
Some areas of ewes bag on one side seem more solid. No temperature or excessive heat or cold though.
Have to watch it ...
Last year for this ewe. She'll be 7 this year. I don't agree with breeding till they die. 
Retirement after weaning...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two of...

Two of my favoritest ....
R went to LN's indoor soccer game with us. 
They act like two year olds at dinner.
Just saying...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

To be Truthful...

I freely admit
after publishing my last post
I caught up on a few blogs that are not on my blog roll.
I admit
I read some blogs to feel better about my life, choices and general brain activity.
I went there.
Just keeping it real.
Not judging so much as shaking my head and realizing...
I am getting a few things right in my life.
To be Truthful...
Course it isn't about any of you ;-]~

Funky, Funk, Funk...

Who wants to admit they read that title a second time?
A funk it is with the gray skies and pouring rain again.
I must be a jinx my hairdresser says.
Each month (yes I know but damn it the gray will not stay away more than 3 wks)
I spend way too much money to hide my I can't lie hair color.
GRAY, GREY, not brown.....
Every appointment it has rained for the past year.
Is it a higher power speaking to me to desist the protests?
I don't know but for a wavy/curly hair (more like frizzy mop) gal rain is the curse of death.
I laugh as she tries to smooth and tame the mane into loveliness.
I walk outside and EPIC fail.
Oh well I give blood each month for the same reason.
If you divide the cost of hair by 2 since giving up the blood is free then it isn't so bad.
I go to both to get 2 hours each of peace and quiet and in the case of apheresis I get to watch a movie.
Uninterrupted and semi-current movie watching is a rarity. 
Gotta gets your kicks where you can!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

As always...

Busy as always.
Waiting on lambs as always.
Ram marked on Aug 6th.
6th has come and gone.
No lambs...
Must have remarked because bags are their and bellies are full.
Oh well sleep is overrated, right!
Next set of ewes are due today.
Yea I just bet.
Meanwhile Baklava is being finished by LN for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is International Foods for 4-H.
Members make a food from a foreign country for all to sample.
LN is loving her Arabic classes so she chose a Middle Eastern dessert.
Hence, fat free, no calories Baklava!
LOL I wish.
All phylo, cinnamon, butter, sugar and nuts...
Smells great!
We went to PA for indoor field hockey early this morning.
Her team won by 13-0.
Destroyed other team to the point I felt sorry for the other team.
A little bit...I am competitive.
Our girls were not rude or unsportsmanlike about it.
That wouldn't fly with us.
They were happy and cheered each other as they scored.
They kept track of who was scoring so girls that didn't score could move into scoring positions.
LN scored her 1 goal after skating around the goalie.
Kinda makes the 3 hour roundtrip ride a bit more bearable each Saturday.
It's giving the coaches a informal look at girls skills upcoming for next year as well.
I was in my "Creativity Cave" as I've decided to call my basement sewing/craft room.
I came up with this table runner.
I need to take a auction item to NMIWW as DE's contribution.
It's fall colors so hopefully someone appreciates it.
The bird fabric was beautiful I thought but didn't cut up well.
The pattern of birds was too far apart but in rows I didn't realize till I cut the binding strips.
I saved the rest to use as a whole with another project.
I used a cream fabric as backing .
I think the dot material over powers the birds as well.
I'm not entirely happy with it but like it too.
Sound confusing?
Yes I am.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Endorphins or Trainer ???

LN works out with a soccer coach trainer on speed and agility from a local college once a week.
Ed jells with her even though he's soft spoken. Their chemistry is a thing of beauty.
She arrives in various teenage girl moods.
She always leaves inspired, happy and confident.
Even when it's inconvenient or she's tired or T.O.M. is visiting she goes and thrives.
Endorphins really work but a great trainer is priceless.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Mantra

          Even duct tape can't fix stupid...
           But it can muffle the sound!!!