Saturday, January 10, 2015

As always...

Busy as always.
Waiting on lambs as always.
Ram marked on Aug 6th.
6th has come and gone.
No lambs...
Must have remarked because bags are their and bellies are full.
Oh well sleep is overrated, right!
Next set of ewes are due today.
Yea I just bet.
Meanwhile Baklava is being finished by LN for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is International Foods for 4-H.
Members make a food from a foreign country for all to sample.
LN is loving her Arabic classes so she chose a Middle Eastern dessert.
Hence, fat free, no calories Baklava!
LOL I wish.
All phylo, cinnamon, butter, sugar and nuts...
Smells great!
We went to PA for indoor field hockey early this morning.
Her team won by 13-0.
Destroyed other team to the point I felt sorry for the other team.
A little bit...I am competitive.
Our girls were not rude or unsportsmanlike about it.
That wouldn't fly with us.
They were happy and cheered each other as they scored.
They kept track of who was scoring so girls that didn't score could move into scoring positions.
LN scored her 1 goal after skating around the goalie.
Kinda makes the 3 hour roundtrip ride a bit more bearable each Saturday.
It's giving the coaches a informal look at girls skills upcoming for next year as well.
I was in my "Creativity Cave" as I've decided to call my basement sewing/craft room.
I came up with this table runner.
I need to take a auction item to NMIWW as DE's contribution.
It's fall colors so hopefully someone appreciates it.
The bird fabric was beautiful I thought but didn't cut up well.
The pattern of birds was too far apart but in rows I didn't realize till I cut the binding strips.
I saved the rest to use as a whole with another project.
I used a cream fabric as backing .
I think the dot material over powers the birds as well.
I'm not entirely happy with it but like it too.
Sound confusing?
Yes I am.


  1. I'm sure someone will love that table runner. You are very talented.

    1. I hope so. Talented IDK about that. I can find all the flaws. I keep trying though.

  2. Mmmm, baklava! Hubby's (Bohemian) mother always made that. Our daughter has her recipe and made it this holiday season. I have to admit I ate 97% of the portion she shared with us.

    Your "creativity cave" is producing lovely things! I think the table runner is gorgeous. ('Course, I'm partial to anything "autumnal.") Sure, if you put your face right up to the piece, it might look like "too much" but from a short distance away (as the runner will always be seen) it looks great. I do see what you mean about the bird fabric though. There is a whole book out there called "What To Do with Fabric Too Pretty to Cut." (Or something close to that.) Gives ideas for using bigger, whole pieces.

    Good luck with those pregnant ewes!

    1. Google ate my reply grrr.... Thanks for the comments MamaPea.
      I love all autumnal things as well. The Baklava was a hit. So sweet and bad for my hips ;].