Monday, January 12, 2015

Funky, Funk, Funk...

Who wants to admit they read that title a second time?
A funk it is with the gray skies and pouring rain again.
I must be a jinx my hairdresser says.
Each month (yes I know but damn it the gray will not stay away more than 3 wks)
I spend way too much money to hide my I can't lie hair color.
GRAY, GREY, not brown.....
Every appointment it has rained for the past year.
Is it a higher power speaking to me to desist the protests?
I don't know but for a wavy/curly hair (more like frizzy mop) gal rain is the curse of death.
I laugh as she tries to smooth and tame the mane into loveliness.
I walk outside and EPIC fail.
Oh well I give blood each month for the same reason.
If you divide the cost of hair by 2 since giving up the blood is free then it isn't so bad.
I go to both to get 2 hours each of peace and quiet and in the case of apheresis I get to watch a movie.
Uninterrupted and semi-current movie watching is a rarity. 
Gotta gets your kicks where you can!


  1. I admire a gal who knows what she wants (non-gray head of hair and a couple of hours of peace and quiet to herself) and goes after it! Good for you!

    P.S. There are parts of California that would pay for your hair appointments if you could bring rain to their area!

    1. My girls force me to keep the gray under wraps. They say "it's embarrassing". I think they should pay for it.