Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's not fair!!!

It's not fair!
That was the name of LN's speech today in her 4-H County Public Speaking contest.
She did a good job.
Maybe needed to look a bit more out into the audience instead of only at the judges but good job.
It was on the subject of equality for female athletes.
She researched it and presented well enough to win a blue ribbon.
We use the Dutch system where each member can earn a blue if they
 fulfill the standards for the contest.
I knew she would win a blue but I didn't know she'd win
the Senior category!!!
The girls are lined up from right to left, 1st-3rd.
Nice Sunday...
I put a roast with celery, onion and carrots in the crockpot about 8:30 am.
Ranch potatoes went in 2nd crockpot about 11:00am before we headed to contest.
Came home about 5:00pm.
House smells good and supper was almost done.
The smaller crock of potatoes I didn't have high enough to soften potatoes.
I dumped them in casserole dish and put them in oven for an hour.
Fed and played with sheep and came in to eat.
Nice Sunday before the questionable storms arrive.
I've heard barely any to 2" and another predicts a foot or more.
LN and I fly out really early Wednesday to Nevada for MIWW contest.
I need to get to airport 2 hours away in Baltimore.
Fingers crossed and toes and limbs and ....
You guys up north have no idea how bad it gets in DE when snow arrives.
No road salting or cinders, plowing days after if at all, it sucks.


  1. Not to belittle LN's presentation at all, but looooove that dress she's wearing! I'm betting she made it?

    Keeping fingers crossed for good weather for your trip. I'm planning on traveling about 20 miles down the road and back tomorrow and they're predicting 70% chance of snow for us . . . but no guesses as to the amount yet.

    1. MamaPea she was asked that several times today. She didn't make it but wishes she had pattern. It was handmade by lady in New York and we found it on clearance at a small boutique.

  2. I was going ask about her dress, too! It's lovely (as is she). I could never handle public speaking, as my blood pressure would skyrocket and I would inevitably turn it into a comedy routine. Good luck with this awful storm! Having no regular equipment to deal with it will really make it challenging. Stay safe...

    1. Susan, she said her knees were knocking and she was clammy and sweating badly. Looking and listening to her I couldn't tell she was in distress. The forecasters are driving me nuts. Can not get an accurate estimate although whatever happens happens.