Monday, January 19, 2015

Needed did...

Now that I'm down to one market show kiddo it's time to downsize . We don't need room for 8 combo of market lambs and goats. LN gave up goats 2 yrs ago and can only exhibit 2 market lambs at fair. 
When we breed our ewes and babies are 3 or do weeks old we begin creep feeding. The pen we build is bulky in the corner of the main pen which is small because we never intended to keep breed ewes either. 
So me and my homey LN did this...
After cleaning the manure up...
And deconstructing 3 individual feeding stalls (leaving 4 which is still too much unless we raise extras).
It only protrudes out and foot or so at an angle instead of 4ft squared off pen.
Progress and streamlining makes me happy.
As does my 'lil' lamb holding a lil lamb.


  1. Looks like you girls have the situation well in hand!

    1. Amazing what we can do when we have no choice. Girl Power!!!