Friday, January 23, 2015

Two won and one big un...

Our last ewe delivered a whopper last night.
He's the size of 2 lambs combined.
Hoss as I'm calling him weighed 18# at birth.
Right after birth he stood up and can't fit under her belly.

S was home, LN and I were at her indoor soccer game.
Won 9-2 but not important ;]
 S said head was turned back.
He said he used 3 fingers to shove legs back in and he turned head easily.
She delivered with next push.
Mama and Hoss are doing fine.
Yesterday was delivery day in other ways as well.
I have been on a little lucky streak with giveaways and 2 of them came in the mail
sent me this...
The covered bowl is so cute.
LN already claimed in as she opened the box.

She's graciously allowed me one cookie before stealing them too.
I did get the tea as she doesn't drink it.
Second envelope was from Michelle in Wyoming....
4 quilt patterns that I love.
Alas LN claimed one also ;]`.

Photobomber at her best!
I just won a giveaway on Instagram also.
I'm feeling lucky!
I signed up for a $50,000.00 and new car giveaway at Flyers game.
What do you think do I have a shot???


  1. If I were you, I'd buy a lottery ticket right away!

    Eighteen pounds at birth??! Whoa, Mama!

    1. I don't want to tempt fate so no lottery ticket MamaPea. That lamb must have put a hurting on her Mama.

  2. That's a wonderful win! Love the photo bomb, ha ha!