Thursday, February 26, 2015

And Again...

It just started again. 
LN was up early checking in my room to see if school called for delay.
It's Delaware a 1/4" cancels the state.
Nope no call from school.
She starts getting ready for about half hour.
Call comes , school is cancelled.
Back off to bed for her angry at school self.
I read until daylight then fed.
Animals liked me ;)

Now back to bed for me.
S is up in case customers show up.
My Fitbit I received for Christmas says out of 8 hr in bed at night I'm only averaging 4 1/2 asleep.
I'm always tired and no my thyroid is fine.
The rest of nigh time split between awake and restless.
Didn't need a gadget to tell me that but others do.
I sleep better alone where I can sprawl.
When I awake from my "nap" I'll see which forecaster was right.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Girl

LN made Terrapin Cheesecake for her Favorite Foods contest yesterday.
She was happy with her blue ribbon.
She was ecstatic when she won her senior dessert category. 
But I think the highlight of her day was this little man.
LN was asked to judge the cloverbud (age 5-8) entries.
They all get participation ribbons and make either cookies, cupcakes or brownies.
She was to ask them questions about their entries and how they made them.
Always be positive and ask about their lives a little bit.
She said this young man was monosyllabic about his brownies.
She asked him about his interests and he exploded with enthusiasm.
He had her crying at his answers and animations about Mario.
She had about 6 other young people standing around them watching as she cried and
 he kept sounding out his Mario game for 20 minutes.
Most cloverbuds are in and out in under 10 minutes because they are so nervous and almost teary.
Great experience for her to interact with the " up and coming" generation in 4-H.
How was his brownies?
LN said, "I have no idea I was so busy laughing I forgot what I ate".
Behind her are rows of entries from all ages.
The division winners received stainless steel Ikea utensils.
This is the senior division winners.
I noticed cream cheese and various cheesecake recipes were popular this year.
The young man on the right won the appetizer category with a Shrimp Creole cheesecake.
Very good and so creative.
After awards are handed out everyone can taste samples of anyone's entries they choose.
Since LN and I helped we sampled ahead of time after the members were officially judged.
My favorite was a Mac n Cheese with bacon on top.
I have simple tastes.
The kicker to this is...
LN hates cream cheese/cheesecake but thought others might like her choice.
After we stopped at our friends who invited us for tacos.
LN's favorite supper.
She provided the last 2 pieces of cheesecake for dessert.
She had an outstanding day.
When we left them about dark it had started snow/sleet/rain mix as we drove home s-l-o-w-l-y.
This morning it is still raining but cold so ice was everywhere as I fed. 
It was warmer this morning, about 34* with a high predicted of 40*.
Back down in the 20's tomorrow and single digits overnight.
It is winter and will end after all.
It always does...


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do you... ?

Does anyone else expect their children to go out in -15* to feed?
                           I do!
                  It builds character!
    Course she borrows my chore vest.
 It contains cool stuff like gloves and a headlamp and ear muffs, a hair tie, Chapstick, a knive to cut hay and $20.00. 
Ya never know when you'll forget to change from your manure smeared vest for your town (cleaner) one and forget your wallet as well.
Not that I have.
Not many times at least [;-/}

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Few inches maybe 8"

Few inches maybe 8 of snow                  overnight Monday into Tuesday.
Pretty before tracks pollute it I think.

Defiently powered sugar kinda snow, easy to deal with.

Mouse still not impressed, not enough to camouflage him either.

Sheep run and play and eat it.
Not the yellow snow though!

Calf and vows trambled it into mush.

More predicted Saturday into Sunday my resident "I wanna snow day from school " meteorologist says.
She forgets too many snow days off and she has to deal with high temps inJune  making them up.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Ok you made me cry when I opened my mail.
On a Tuesday...
On a snow day...
Just because...

Thanks MamaPea...
You slay my heart!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy V Day !

                     Happy Day!!!!
Usually this is just another day for me. I don't buy into the whole day Hallmark profits from. Today is different....

 I'm going to lunch with a friend today.
Her husband has been deployed since last June.
She deserves a Valentine for all she does holding the fort with 2 children. I respect her a lot for being tough enough to do it all. I'm going to go get her a little something to say Happy V Day!
                  She rocks!
We thank our servicemen but also need to thank their wives and families for holding life together back home as well.
                Happy V Day!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Today we finished LN's winter field hockey season.
Her team played hard and it payed off.
Their small team won!
LN was so happy and so was I.
We celebrated with her team at lunch at Fuddruckers.
Cheddar bacon burgers, fries and black n white shake was so good.
LN scored I think 3 goals in Championship game.
Adrenaline makes me lose track.
I took 339 pictures and edited down to 30 so so ones.

Long armed gal stole ball from opponent and flicked it to teammate out of sight.
Taking fast action pictures inside building is out of my comfort zone.
I need a class I think.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Small Blessings from awhile ago

This post was written on my phone awhile ago.
It just published now so weird and out of order but here ya go....
Small blessings this morning. 
After watering and feeding hens I put 2 eggs in my vest pocket instead of wasting a bucket. They are laying well but snow and prob 12 hrs with no water last night they are being stingy. 
I then cleaned stalls throwing my vest off. I get hot , I'm getting older. Don't judge.
I grabbed it after cleaning. Shrugged it on, none too careful cause I'm not mak g a fashion statement. Def no pictures of my getup as I do chores.
Next I fed cows and outside sheep.

Played with 3 lambs in new snow that fell overnight, about 3" but heavy snow.
Finally swept path in grass to house for LN who comes home at noon after exam. She was wearing sneakers this morning but went out other driveway in truck tire path. For some reason  bus drops her off at different driveway that where he picks her up.
Went in house and hung up vest then covered it up with hoody.
Remembered eggs half hour later. Didn't want to reach in the pocket. 
Tada though, all's well that ends well.

What a bunch of rambling dribble!
Mouse says hi.

2 Headed Monster

          My 2 headed monster....
                Errr....R's monster/s

Me and R haltered Aggie and forced her to walk to water, bribing her with grain. Gem decided to come help her.
Aggie's due March 31st and hasn't wanted to walk today. We think she hurt her leg so R stuck a stick in between her toes to pull mud/ice/whatever out of them. She stood calmly for 2 and protested a bit on other ones. We ll watch and see how she makes out. I threw square bale to them and got her to walk over and eat.
Dang am-i-nals
Left cows and caught ewe and treated sore foot.
 Caught last lamb and put his ear tag in.
Filled electric bucket 2 times in a row for thristy ewes.
Oh by the way did I mention it's fridgid out?
Yea it is.... Carhartt weather.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hi or Hay?


Back later with more...