Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2 Headed Monster

          My 2 headed monster....
                Errr....R's monster/s

Me and R haltered Aggie and forced her to walk to water, bribing her with grain. Gem decided to come help her.
Aggie's due March 31st and hasn't wanted to walk today. We think she hurt her leg so R stuck a stick in between her toes to pull mud/ice/whatever out of them. She stood calmly for 2 and protested a bit on other ones. We ll watch and see how she makes out. I threw square bale to them and got her to walk over and eat.
Dang am-i-nals
Left cows and caught ewe and treated sore foot.
 Caught last lamb and put his ear tag in.
Filled electric bucket 2 times in a row for thristy ewes.
Oh by the way did I mention it's fridgid out?
Yea it is.... Carhartt weather.

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  1. It's cold here too. My chicken watering units have to be thawed every day.