Thursday, February 26, 2015

And Again...

It just started again. 
LN was up early checking in my room to see if school called for delay.
It's Delaware a 1/4" cancels the state.
Nope no call from school.
She starts getting ready for about half hour.
Call comes , school is cancelled.
Back off to bed for her angry at school self.
I read until daylight then fed.
Animals liked me ;)

Now back to bed for me.
S is up in case customers show up.
My Fitbit I received for Christmas says out of 8 hr in bed at night I'm only averaging 4 1/2 asleep.
I'm always tired and no my thyroid is fine.
The rest of nigh time split between awake and restless.
Didn't need a gadget to tell me that but others do.
I sleep better alone where I can sprawl.
When I awake from my "nap" I'll see which forecaster was right.


  1. 4-1/2 hours sleep a night . . . oy. Not enough. But I'm right there with you some nights. I can relate. Glad you went back to bed for a "nap." I know that must be a hard thing to do what with all you're responsible for during daylight hours. Your snow pics are pretty . . . but probably not what you want to see this time of year.

    P.S. You're always tired? That's 'cause you don't have time to take care of yourself. I know, what's that? Moms and women in general sure aren't encouraged to do that. Or taught that it's an important thing.

  2. I had the opportunity to get the fitbit upgrade, to get the one you wear 24 hours a day, but decided against it. I figured it would not calculate heart beat or sleep correctly. I sure hope you are really getting more sleep than that.