Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Small Blessings from awhile ago

This post was written on my phone awhile ago.
It just published now so weird and out of order but here ya go....
Small blessings this morning. 
After watering and feeding hens I put 2 eggs in my vest pocket instead of wasting a bucket. They are laying well but snow and prob 12 hrs with no water last night they are being stingy. 
I then cleaned stalls throwing my vest off. I get hot , I'm getting older. Don't judge.
I grabbed it after cleaning. Shrugged it on, none too careful cause I'm not mak g a fashion statement. Def no pictures of my getup as I do chores.
Next I fed cows and outside sheep.

Played with 3 lambs in new snow that fell overnight, about 3" but heavy snow.
Finally swept path in grass to house for LN who comes home at noon after exam. She was wearing sneakers this morning but went out other driveway in truck tire path. For some reason  bus drops her off at different driveway that where he picks her up.
Went in house and hung up vest then covered it up with hoody.
Remembered eggs half hour later. Didn't want to reach in the pocket. 
Tada though, all's well that ends well.

What a bunch of rambling dribble!
Mouse says hi.


  1. Who among us hasn't done the old egg-in-the-pocket trick, but not had an ending as you did? The Egg-Fairy was definitely watching over you. Or maybe over your eggs!

    Hi, Mouse!

    1. Luck was shining on me for sure!
      Mouse is still squirrelly after 20 yrs