Monday, March 30, 2015

Keeping busy

Working on a wool piece while LN has travel soccer practice.
Brought kindle, cross stitch and knitting too.
Just in case...

LN's been busy working on her 4-H fashion revue outfit. 

No shot of her in it just yet.
Vintage pattern in one size only equals a ton of alterations and headaches.
We are down to the wire now. Garments are due Monday by noon. 
Dress needs hem and 2 decorative buttons.
Coat needs more...
That's her coat with fancy lining above . We needed to remove 5" at her waistline to achieve the "look". That means she has sewn (and some resewn too) over 20 darts at this point.
Seems to fit better so lots of hand sewing and finishes to complete. 
She's has about 30 hours in it so far just by herself. That doesn't count her mentors help or my part.
Geeze ....
I love my kid. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Women of a Certain Age ONLY

If you are a guy look away STOP reading.
You were warned!

If you are a women of a certain age and not bothered by bodily functions read on.

I want a number from you , nothing more unless you NEED to share.

How old before it ends?
Seriously I'm 51 and regular as rain at heavy (always have) flooding T.O.M. visits.
On The Rag - sounds lovely
My Courses- love this name
The curse - yea it is
Period - of what? How freaking long of a period?

Stop already...
Unless I can get pregnant (wouldn't that be a hoot) it's not necessary.

So give me numbers but remember...
I can find out where you live if you tell me it lasts much longer!

Saw this...

I saw this on Instagram this morning and had to laugh.
So true and they really do work you out.
I slept in an hour and skipped gym this morning. Don't worry though I worked out.

This stinky, nasty , several solid inches of ammonia producing manure took 13 wheelbarrow trips to clean out sheep pen.

Yuck it smelled rank.

All done just as rain began so ewes can dirty it up again.
Only few more weeks before weaning then ewes are out of here and moved to different lot.
Market lambs that we keep don't make as much manure buildup thank goodness.
The corrugated walls come off for summer air flow also which helps the stink.

Fed the 2 barn cats in the loft as I fetched straw bale for bedding. It was dark at the top is steps but Fat Jack the orange one and Cinder don't mind a bit.

Hay loft for selling to customers is almost empty. It doesn't bode well for our store. We need to find a load or two to tide us over till hay season rolls around.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Should I share?

1st guess what?
It's snowing.
Shocking I know but there you go....
It is turning to rain soon so only black ice to worry over tonight no accumulation of snow.
Otherwise not sure if I should share this.
If your a bleeding heart and spoil your kids don't read on.
My child is mad at me today.
I walked in her room before school and took her tablet and gave her till next week with her phone.
Phone may be needed to record a class if she takes my advice.
She has 2- B's and 1-C and that doesn't fly with me.
I B is 2 pts from A and other is 4 pts.
Totally unacceptable and she knows this.
C is so far away I'm livid.
Disclaimer - all 3 are AP or class grade above her and she is a year younger than 95% of her current class year.
Still not acceptable.
Small things and inconsistencies are the issue mostly.
Other issue is C class is lecture style and she isn't adapting to college style.
Still no excuse.
Suggestions have been made and ignored so restrictions are in place.
She wants to go to college away from home.
I do NOT believe in funding my kids college if they don't do their job in high school.
Their job is to maintain A's and take AP classes to earn credits and scholarships.
One reason she excels in 4-H and sports as well as community service.
They are all building blocks for her character but also stepping stones to scholarships for college.
That is her job.
Same as other 2.
R paid for all college except $500.00 for books one semester.
She stayed at home because that was her choice.
She has her bachelors and is manager of retail store and has money saved for a house.
Z, no college for him, not a fit.
That's fine too but he bought a house at 23 with no help.
It was a goal from 18 and he achieved it.
He has held a fulltime job sometimes 2 since high school and is starting a power washing business.
Now it's LN's turn to shine.
She is a great kid don't get me wrong.
Just needs a reality check before she gets too sloppy.
I told her I love her but I'm not playing.
Go to school and complain your Mamma's a Bitch to your friends but get grades back on point.
Seriously not writing this for affirmations or accusations.
This is my beliefs and I'm stubborn as hell.
My kids and I may be crass, uncouth and socially unacceptable most of the time but
we sure as hell earn our way. 
I'd rather have tough kids that don't always like me than entitled ones.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Those predawn...

Those predawn texts that say "I'm on my way Madre" from R. Time to start breeding regiment for her one cow. Pulled stimulation shot as she arrives. Shot given, cidr in place.
Might as well feed since sun is beginning to lighten the sky.

Frost not on the pumpkin but on everything else like the sheep bucket.

It's a balmy 29*.
S bought 20 bales of sheep hay. Might as well unload it before R leaves to shower for work from here. I'm halfway from her house to her job.

Done with a small audience.

Aww pre sunrise...
Left some jeans and shirts on the line last night. It was windy so I'll pause and unwrap and rearrange the frosty things.
Head to barn where lamb creep needs filled up. Mouse (horse) waits quietly for breakfast. 
Back to house to make sure LN is headed for on time bus departure. Listen to the sisters laugh and talk as sun starts coming in the window.

Those predawn texts though...

Monday, March 16, 2015

I may have...

I may have gotta carried away a smidge.

I started out just raking under the clothes line. Some long grape tendrils kept catching the rake near the arbor.
So ...

I murdered the 3 vines.
The arbor was put up for me. I wanted grape vines to crawl all over it for shade and maybe a hidey hole for kids to use their imaginations. Not for grapes to eat or use.
Others had different ideas. I did hang LN's swing from one end years ago. But otherwise every time others went under it they complained about vines sticking down in their way or just flat snapped off anything they felt like. It has become a pass through walkway to arena and where I started parking some years ago because my spot was taken over by "treasures" ie: junk. Whole other story...

Now no one can complain.
If they come back, good. If not, fine too.
Now about the blisters I have from yanking and breaking vines?

Monday Musings

Don't have an egg bucket and no Carhartt vest on?
Hoody egg basket....

It's 45* and climbing . I had to shed that hoody fast. After gym workout my body temp stays up most of the day.

Lambs are stuffing their faces with creep and hay. Won't be long till reckoning time.

Tails are shrinking. Soon time to decide who gets to stay and who goes to auction along with 2 older ewes .

Coming to water regular as well. All good signs. Starting to smell tails and nut decay, normal as well.

Thursday we start a cow on breeding regiment. 2 others due on 31st so time to start watching closer.
I was able to unhook small electric waterer for chickens and put 5 gal one back in. Thankfully sparrows/starlings are not eating all their feed and browsing in hedgerows again. Makes chores less aggravating.
Now for mud detour and garden prep hopefully soon.

That is all ;)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Personal Hell ...

We buy our corn in bulk to resale. The truck comes and blows in in upstairs bins in the barn shown here behind the straw pile. When the bins stop gravity flow running they need cleaned out.
Bins are easily 8 ft tall , 4 ft wide.
I'm 5'1', S is 6' 1".
S built the bins (there are 4) before I arrived . About 25 yrs ago I believe.
Again I'm 5'1".
They need cleaned out because they are flat floored. I draw (always) the short straw. No pun intended, seriously none?
He wants to start under the eve of the barn. I have to figure how to stretch 4' across to opening and balance on 1/2" board nailed to sides of bin. Miss the rafters with my head and cobwebs, well you know.
It's freaking dark and creepy down here.
Don't the 1/2 " rails look comforting?
No they are not ! He built them couple ft off the bottom. Sides are slick so I use a bucket with a haystring attached. Climb in it and to steps and up pulling the bucket with me.
4 bins cleaned out.
20- 100# bags bagged out.
Shower time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Snows gone , heated buckets and troughs turned off.

Mud prevails!

S is headed to Pennsylvania to pick up potatoes to sell. St. Patty's Day is when Amish like to get their gardens started. The ice and snow might push that back a bit but the bags of spuds can acclimate to our temperatures while waiting .
I vow to do a better job in the garden this year!
I mean it!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dirty jobs

I've put it off tooooo long.
The lambs are almost 8 weeks old.
Time for tails and nuts to be banded.
The tails are already showing a lot of manure build up.
That is the reason their tails come off.
They are more upset at being put on halters and restrained.
The bands I'm sure pinch but to a tee all the ewe lambs were running around as soon as they were released from the evil torture device known as halters.
The 3 boys laid down a minute or two after their bands were put on their sacs.
Actually they are funny.
They fall down and lay out like their dead.
After a minute or so they jump up and realize they are still alive.
Hopefully within a week I'll see major shrinkage.
I have had issues with old bands in the past popping off and causing infections so I keep a close eye
on everyone.
This cold weather will be nice with no flies to investigate the decaying flesh.
A vet friend told me after 3 days I can cut off the tails but I never do.
I allow the process to finish and the dog to tote a tail onto the porch.
They are really dirty jobs but necessary for their health.
The snow has melted except in big piles we shoved the driveway accumulation into.
Now the sucking mud has to be dealt with.
I wonder if Lestoil can save these?

Saturday, March 7, 2015


This may have happened.

I know it's a scam.
I know it's misappropriation of funds raised.
But the girls faces are so guilt trippingly cute.
But tags are so good.
They are not good for me though.
I need to get rid of them.
How though?
Ummm it's wasteful to throw away food.
So ...
They wouldn't be around to tempt me if they were "gone".

Nasty part

The nasty part of snow...

The muddy, chewed up plowing parts.

Trying to get traction over ice layer.

Deliveries must go on.
Lots of sunflower ordered.

Friday, March 6, 2015


My Fitbit says I should get 10,000 steps in each day.

Not if I work the exchange quarter auction.
To be honest after morning dig out from snow and cooking and gathering supplies for auction I arrived at auction with 12,000 steps.
Still 8,000 steps and change at auction meant I was moving.
Now if I could get my thighs to agree and shrink from the excercise . Makes me mad it says only 10 active minutes.

The quarter auction should be a success after all monies are tabulated. We hoped to have 125 people attend and we had 190. 
I ran out of food half way through except a crockpot of chili.
Water ran out 3/4 way through. Ice tea and lemonade squeaked through barely.
May have to buy more of everything next year. No one will show up if I do though.
Always the way.

Off to snoozeville I'm beat. LN went right to bed after carrying in empty, dirty dishes. 
Night all...

Palmy Weather.... Not

This is not North Dakota, Minnesota, Maine, Alaska, Siberia, or the North Pole.
Oops MamaPea I'm just saying ;] 
I would live in any of those places and be better prepared I believe (not Siberia).
It's coastal Delaware and it's 12*.
It's cold.
I went out and shoveled for 2 hrs starting at 7:00am.
The wind chill makes it feel like Antarctica.
We usually get very cold like this several times a winter separated by a few weeks of 30-40*.
May even get to 50* sometimes for a day.
What's different this year is cold arrived and has stayed consistently for 8 weeks now.
We had about 6-8" of snow yesterday into last night.
It started as ice pellets.
They are still there underneath and I can't fix that.
S has deliveries to do and is debating waiting till tomorrow.
That would give Amish (and English) a chance to dig out the drifts.
I know 8" isn't a lot but his truck has an aluminum flat bed on it so no weight involved on the rear.
It's great for loading up to 6 ton of feed for deliveries.
Empty not so much so he has to turn route around and go to farthest stop 1st.
This allows him a better shot at getting back without fishtailing around.
Other than the undercoating of ice covering everything all is well.
Ln has a quarter auction fundraiser tonight about 18 miles south of us.
It benefits her exchange group.
I'm in charge of food.
Guess who hopes it's cancelled?
It will not be.
Knuckle buster for me...
I have to make Veg. Beef soup, celery with cream cheese and/or peanut butter for our personal donations.
Better get cracking as soon as my no circulation legs thaw out.
You'd think with my thunder thighs I'd be plenty warm.
Yea, NO ;/

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My view....

I am working on bookwork at the dining room table.
Bad person because it contains piles of whatever is going at the moment.
Rarely eat at it.
Me and kids do if S is not around but that's another story all together.
The projected storm was 6 hours late starting but the snow and wind have commenced.
This is east side of house.
LN's cat sits on edge of the old sewing machine covered by the window.
The nandina bush provides her much angst and entertainment.

This is out the north side porch window.
Not much coverage yet.
I'll be sitting in the swing before I know it.
LN was interviewed for one of the local papers.
It's an article on making a difference in the community.
She was honored.
She's a cool kid.
I know I shouldn't but I have to ask.
Does anyone else read blogs where the blogger cries broke and asks for money?
It may be worded better but essentially that's what it is.
I stopped following several and paused one because of this.
Today I read her post and it began again.
She had 51 comments about how brave she is and "help" she can expect.
I didn't comment.
I'm unfollowing her.
I could write a book on her issues that cause the financial hardship starting with her quitting a good job to "farm" on her few acres.
I did not comment.
I know that I am commenting now and I should let it go.
So I will but I had to ask?
Not for money though.
Course while we're on the subject...
Naw JK as LN says.
But still .... 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More of my randomness ...

Things that crack me up....

Can you believe it?

I so wanna do this!

Sleep tight!

Warning PC sensitive look away now

Me and my kids are warped.
We find humor where others find horror.
I laughed at LN's comment when I found this.
If you are offended....
You should have looked away!

Waiting on more snow....yeah !!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some success, some not...

The 4-H'ers loved their snacks after their community service favors were completed for the nursing home residents and hospital patients.

LN said the plates looked like Christmas.

They had red punch as well.
I'd call that a success .
They also made cards to be send to overseas troops.

The club LN is apart of does hundreds (maybe thousands with 50 members) of hours yearly of community service.
It's a good thing as Martha would say.

Not so successful is me.
I have a deep pocket cleaning of one side of my mouth and I'm sore now.
I will not be eating tonight. I'll be sure to eat more before I get the other side cleaned. Apparently I have bad genes in the dental area. It caused major plague/tartar/pockets. I was offered a shot to numb me but I said no. I received a numbing potion instead which wore off before I left their office. 
Oh well it's not like I can afford to skip a meal or two right?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Addition to...

Here's additional pictures to last nights ice storm trip to sew.
The short sleeve version of this vintage pattern peeking out of pic edge is LN's choice.
Plaid alongside is a possible accompanying thought LN & A are considering.
Buttons only run down one side of knee length coat but there are 9 involved.
Where can I look for 9 buttons?
Joanne's nope, local shop nope, LN wants unique of course.

Trying to show you the colorful flecks in brown wool.
Doubtful you see them, sorry.

Flowered dress on pattern with her lightweight red wool.
Thinking I'll internet browse for buttons.
Or Goodwill or thrift store?
But 1st LN has 4-h meeting tonight and needs to provide snack and drink.
Gluten free mini green cupcake (box mix, sorry) with green icing.
One member has allergies and I feel bad she can't eat what others do.
I have no idea how to scratch bake gluten free.
Another Mom is bringing fruit and pretzels and I'm bringing drinks also.
Kids have it good.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Had to...

Had to drive through snow/sleet/rain/ice mix tonight for LN.
She has one month to get her 4-H Fashion Revue outfit completed.
Sounds simple right?
1st: what she gonna make?
Either a dress and jacket or coat or pants, shirt and jacket or coat?
Endless possibilities!
2nd :when she going to have time? sewing mentor lives an hour away
Soccer tryouts started Saturday morning and will be every day after school till 5:30.
Limits the time before adding in other things like meetings and appts. let alone her mentors schedule of full time job and 2 young children to raise.
3rd: what material is she using?
Duh, wool but which wool pieces and how many coordinating fabrics?
We couldn't get ahold of her sewing mentor but we had 4:00pm appointment to start process.
LN was nervous, I was completely freaked out but we went.
Slowly, 30-40 mph, slow and steady.
We only slid a few times and not badly or I would have turned around.
A's driveway was ice rink so we slid containers of fabric and sewing boxes, etc. across ice to garage.
After hour or so of deliberation she chose red lightweight (almost see through) wool dress.
A dark chocolate brown with red flecks medium weight coat wool.
Both pieces are retro looking which is right up LN's alley.
Coat pattern is actually vintage pattern I bought at flea market for a quarter.
Original price is 75 cents.
I'm sure both pieces will be tricked out with little details.
Right now tonight they collaborated on decisions and cut dress out.
It's a start...

We left and crept home with homework.
Lining to buy, trim to acquire, 9 buttons to find and marking to finish.
It'll happen.