Monday, March 2, 2015

Addition to...

Here's additional pictures to last nights ice storm trip to sew.
The short sleeve version of this vintage pattern peeking out of pic edge is LN's choice.
Plaid alongside is a possible accompanying thought LN & A are considering.
Buttons only run down one side of knee length coat but there are 9 involved.
Where can I look for 9 buttons?
Joanne's nope, local shop nope, LN wants unique of course.

Trying to show you the colorful flecks in brown wool.
Doubtful you see them, sorry.

Flowered dress on pattern with her lightweight red wool.
Thinking I'll internet browse for buttons.
Or Goodwill or thrift store?
But 1st LN has 4-h meeting tonight and needs to provide snack and drink.
Gluten free mini green cupcake (box mix, sorry) with green icing.
One member has allergies and I feel bad she can't eat what others do.
I have no idea how to scratch bake gluten free.
Another Mom is bringing fruit and pretzels and I'm bringing drinks also.
Kids have it good.


  1. So sweet of you to make a cupcake treat that the one gal with allergies can eat. Not everyone would go to that trouble.

    Love LN's taste in fabrics and patterns. Makes me want to start sewing my own clothes again. Almost.

    1. Gal with gluten issues is a sweetie. She had 6 mini cupcakes tonight. Lol sugar rush but no gluten.

  2. I have to say, that cupcake looks delicious! You are awesome to do that. I love the vintage patterns too. Can't wait to see the final piece.

    1. Kristina the kids at the meeting loved them I heard.

  3. Marlo Thomas' coat in "That Girl"? Audry Hepburn "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?

    1. Exactly the look she loves. Has the attitude and class to match it too.