Friday, March 6, 2015


My Fitbit says I should get 10,000 steps in each day.

Not if I work the exchange quarter auction.
To be honest after morning dig out from snow and cooking and gathering supplies for auction I arrived at auction with 12,000 steps.
Still 8,000 steps and change at auction meant I was moving.
Now if I could get my thighs to agree and shrink from the excercise . Makes me mad it says only 10 active minutes.

The quarter auction should be a success after all monies are tabulated. We hoped to have 125 people attend and we had 190. 
I ran out of food half way through except a crockpot of chili.
Water ran out 3/4 way through. Ice tea and lemonade squeaked through barely.
May have to buy more of everything next year. No one will show up if I do though.
Always the way.

Off to snoozeville I'm beat. LN went right to bed after carrying in empty, dirty dishes. 
Night all...


  1. So. What do you do on a busy day??

    1. Lay around and do my nails while watching tv lol

  2. There was one day where my fitbit reached that high number - putting mulch around the flower beds one summer, when Hubby brought it home by the truck-full. I bet you slept pretty well after that busy day.

    1. No I didn't sleep well. Still only getting 50% on sleep pattern.