Monday, March 16, 2015

I may have...

I may have gotta carried away a smidge.

I started out just raking under the clothes line. Some long grape tendrils kept catching the rake near the arbor.
So ...

I murdered the 3 vines.
The arbor was put up for me. I wanted grape vines to crawl all over it for shade and maybe a hidey hole for kids to use their imaginations. Not for grapes to eat or use.
Others had different ideas. I did hang LN's swing from one end years ago. But otherwise every time others went under it they complained about vines sticking down in their way or just flat snapped off anything they felt like. It has become a pass through walkway to arena and where I started parking some years ago because my spot was taken over by "treasures" ie: junk. Whole other story...

Now no one can complain.
If they come back, good. If not, fine too.
Now about the blisters I have from yanking and breaking vines?


  1. Ha! You may have done a really good thing! My husband tells the story of when he was in Ag Class in high school and the teacher took the class out to a farmer's yard to demonstrate grape pruning. The farmer truly did want his grapes pruned but when the teacher was finished, the farmer was irate saying he had "murdered" his grapes. Turns out the teacher got a call with a very apologetic thank you that fall from the farmer because he had the best grape harvest he had ever seen in his whole life!

    P.S. Your grape arbor structure is one of the nicest I've seen. Arbor envy, for sure!

    1. We'll see if that happens here. I usually fight mildew and bugs so maybe this" hair cut" will allow more air flow and I can put traps up for bugs because I'll be able to see them earlier. I honestly just like the shade. Grapes just aren't my thing. I'm not wine person or grape jelly girl.