Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More of my randomness ...

Things that crack me up....

Can you believe it?

I so wanna do this!

Sleep tight!


  1. Just one comment. I think it's so sad that Justin Bieber even has any fans (bald or not). What kind of a role model is he? (Guess I'm just cranky this morning, sorry.) Coffee? COFFEE! I need more coffee, please!

    1. I agree about the Bieb' but the other celeb role models are just as bad.
      I don't care for coffee so Tea me up! A friend told me if u drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day you'll live longer.

    2. Hunh. Maybe the caffeine tends to embalm your innards? ;o} I drink my one latte in the morning, but that's my limit.

      P. S. So right! Who would try to teach their daughter to grow up to be like Kim Kardasian. (And KK certainly isn't the worst of 'em!)

    3. North West says it all. I'm sure that child will love that name as she grows up.