Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Saw this...

I saw this on Instagram this morning and had to laugh.
So true and they really do work you out.
I slept in an hour and skipped gym this morning. Don't worry though I worked out.

This stinky, nasty , several solid inches of ammonia producing manure took 13 wheelbarrow trips to clean out sheep pen.

Yuck it smelled rank.

All done just as rain began so ewes can dirty it up again.
Only few more weeks before weaning then ewes are out of here and moved to different lot.
Market lambs that we keep don't make as much manure buildup thank goodness.
The corrugated walls come off for summer air flow also which helps the stink.

Fed the 2 barn cats in the loft as I fetched straw bale for bedding. It was dark at the top is steps but Fat Jack the orange one and Cinder don't mind a bit.

Hay loft for selling to customers is almost empty. It doesn't bode well for our store. We need to find a load or two to tide us over till hay season rolls around.


  1. My hay supplier was out this past week. We had to go looking for some. Had to laugh about the work out related tools. So true.