Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some success, some not...

The 4-H'ers loved their snacks after their community service favors were completed for the nursing home residents and hospital patients.

LN said the plates looked like Christmas.

They had red punch as well.
I'd call that a success .
They also made cards to be send to overseas troops.

The club LN is apart of does hundreds (maybe thousands with 50 members) of hours yearly of community service.
It's a good thing as Martha would say.

Not so successful is me.
I have a deep pocket cleaning of one side of my mouth and I'm sore now.
I will not be eating tonight. I'll be sure to eat more before I get the other side cleaned. Apparently I have bad genes in the dental area. It caused major plague/tartar/pockets. I was offered a shot to numb me but I said no. I received a numbing potion instead which wore off before I left their office. 
Oh well it's not like I can afford to skip a meal or two right?


  1. I'd say those festive plates could be called early St. Patrick's Day rather than Christmas! Very attractive.

    Golldang, invasive dental work hurts more than just about anything. My dear hubby always refuses numbing no matter what he has done, but I'm a pansy and can handle it emotionally and mentally, let alone physically, a lot better with "help."

    1. lol MamaPea I don't like the pain but the drooling mouth with no feeling stinks too. We have tried to health up the snacks but have been shot down several times. This time no one complained maybe because it was "purty".

  2. Wow, those plates look so tasty. And congrats to donating all those hours (and cards to the troops- YAY!). I hope you feel better soon. I don't like visiting the dentist at all.

    1. They were tasty LN said Kristina. I don't mind the dentist because losing my teeth is a big no no with me. I'm grossed out by bad teeth. I'm shallow that way.