Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Women of a Certain Age ONLY

If you are a guy look away STOP reading.
You were warned!

If you are a women of a certain age and not bothered by bodily functions read on.

I want a number from you , nothing more unless you NEED to share.

How old before it ends?
Seriously I'm 51 and regular as rain at heavy (always have) flooding T.O.M. visits.
On The Rag - sounds lovely
My Courses- love this name
The curse - yea it is
Period - of what? How freaking long of a period?

Stop already...
Unless I can get pregnant (wouldn't that be a hoot) it's not necessary.

So give me numbers but remember...
I can find out where you live if you tell me it lasts much longer!


  1. Well, m'dear, 51 is supposedly now (used to be 5-8 years older) the average age for females entering menopause so you may well be very close to being blessed! Check when your mother and grandmother went into menopause as that's another indicator of when you will. I had a "complete clean-out" when I was 45 because of endometriosis and have never been happier. I know of no one who would ever miss the ugly-bugly BAAAAD-ness related to periods. Period! Hang in there. It WILL end!

    1. Grrrr not helpful MamaPea. Needs to end ! If this is just the start of the big M then I have too many yrs of hell left. My grandmothers are gone and my Mother hasn't spoken to me in 15 yrs. guess I'm just going to have to deal with it.

    2. I suppose it might not apply in all cases, but it seems to me that if a female has a hard time (in any or all ways) with her menstrual cycle, once she goes into menopause she tends to breeze through it. (It's gotta have something with the hell we go through while menstruating so that we get a break once it stops! That's my theory and I hope it proves true for you.)

    3. From your mouth to God's ear MamaPea!

  2. LOL this made me laugh! I was trying to catch up on what you have been up to and I click on this haha. I too had endometriosis but I actually entered natural perimenopause at 38 and at 44 now completely done technically it has been exactly 12 months :) I kind of freaked over the loss of hormones at such an early age but I just did the grin and bear it method and no replacements. Ok I'm getting back to surfing your animal adventures!

    1. Glad your back in the blog world Erin. I'm trying to grin and bear it but sometimes....
      You didn't say where you moved too but can I assume it's across the Chesapeake from us? Aberdeen? I like reading about your gardening adventures and I'm sure this new space will be an adventure.