Wednesday, April 8, 2015

1st glimpse

This is LN's dress before it was completed.
Just a few things needed finished.
The hem changed, chain stitching lining to dress, hook and eye, etc.
She's a ham for sure.
The coat was not photographed but I'll share after Saturdays contest.
I'm nervous as I can pick out the things I'd have her do a bit differently but it's all fine.
A learning thing for sure.
My kid always chooses a challenging pattern/s and we have to figure it out.
She keeps me younger than I am but always challenging me.
Hard to believe she thinks this dress makes her look fat.
At ease without posing.
I'd love to look this "fat".
It's the media I swear giving her these ideas.
The Kardashians and Fashion police touting the unrealistic images to girls her age.
She knows she's fit just wishes she was a rail I guess.
Don't we all?
I think she looks adorable and youthful like she should.
What do I know I'm just her Mama.


  1. She looks great! You should be a proud Mom.

    1. I am Kristina. She's a great kid.

  2. Comparing the first photo here and your photo from the previous post shows how very much you two look alike!

    I wanna know what part of the dress makes her look "fat?" Silly girl.

    1. I know I had the same question MamaPea.

  3. Please tell her that she is ( from a male perspective ) in no way,even close to being fat. She is adorable and from your picture in your last post, she takes it from her mama.

    1. Thanks Spiderjohn I'll relay the message.

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