Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hard decisions...

Yesterday was day for hard decisions.
Time for some lambs to go to auction to catch Greek Easter market.

An old ewe went along because her lambs were smallest and she only has one side of her udder working.
That worked out well as I led her by halter and most of lambs trotted right behind into the trailer.
LN sorted 4 off and kept rest to decide which to show. Those 4 weighed 50#, 60#, 65# and 66# at 10 weeks. The ones we kept are meatier and bigger.
Since we were loading up I sent the demonic bull calf as well.
He didn't load as slick. I cornered him and he jumped the 4 ft tall fence right before the trailer.
I regrouped and tied his Momma and Aunt against that part which is the lowest. The rest of fence is 5 ft. An extra gate and a few smacks and he jumped in.

I dropped the ball on breaking him and I never cut/banded him either.
He weighed 675# at almost 7 months. 
If he was cut and broke I'd have kept him for meat but not to be.
The market was still up and I was happy with the prices.
I'm not happy that it'll all go to Uncle Sam for taxes.
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!


  1. Well, at least you can round up the money for the taxes. Hubby just finished our taxes (always puts him in a bad mood) and hip-hip-hooray!, we are getting a refund . . . which helped his funk over having to do the taxes in the first place. The refund should be enough to cover the materials for the deck we have to replace this year . . . like before someone puts a foot through the rotting existing boards! Yes, it's that bad. But the new deck will be soooo nice.

    1. Very true MamaPea I'm always amazed at the amount due. It's heartbreaking . I'm happy you get a refund and the deck is a go. Make a nice one I'm planning on visiting in a few years and relaxing on it. Oh no now you'll know to prepare or run away.

  2. That's great you got a good price. As for taxes, Hubby is doing ours today I think.