Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New things

New things are so scarey!!!

I took down the corrugated side wall in the sheep pen and put up their jump board.
#3 is confused.
What is this barrier?

Oh I see !

We got this.
Jumping over obstacles builders leg muscles. 

Hogs are enjoying their treasure hunt through soft ground.
It's been 2 weeks since we brought them home. I think shipping fever may be kicking in. A few heavy coughs began yesterday in one and today another has coughed a few times. They are eating well , pooping well, tails are up so I'll wait and see a few days before worrying.

Firecracker says hi !


  1. You caught some good pics of the sheep. Hope nothing serious develops with the piggies. That one on the left looks like he has a target on his rump!

    1. Yes MamaPea he does. His name is Freckles because of the spots all over lol. I took 20 of the lambs to get 2 decent ones. They were funny trying to decide how to get outside. By tomorrow they'll jump automatically.