Friday, April 10, 2015

We are never...

LN said "we are never doing that again". What is that? That is not stripping every pen after fair and butchering appts in the fall. We never did and we paid the price today.

With no steer or heifer to break and no hogs over winter these pens were ignored. The manure solidified to the cement and mats. We beat the shovels to get what we could chisel up. Lots of wheelbarrow loads of hard crusty flakes.
Tomorrow R is driving to Ohio to an auction to buy pigs for her and her sis. LN will be at fashion revue all afternoon and evening. The day will begin with fashion and end with pigs.

This required a clean out, new shavings, and rearranging pens.
With no steers we are going to add seperate hog pens in the steer area which has concrete which hogs can't destroy as quickly. The headgate needed moved which meant mats had to come up which meant water trough needed unhooked which meant.... on and on and on.

Feed pans needed lowered. She is handy with pliers and wrenches.
Music played so she was mostly cheerful.
I got my 10,000 plus steps in so I was mostly cheerful too.
What a life!


  1. Count me in as one who has shoveled manure like that. Makes you think it could be used for something(!) that would hold up for a hundred years.

    I love it that LN knows about and can do hard physical work like that. How many girls her age can or would? You're raising a fine young woman.

    I think those 10,000 steps you got in count a whole hay of a lot more than those put in on a treadmill in a gym!

    1. You are right about those steps. Much more physical way to earn them. The manure we are told can be put into brick forms, dried completely and then burned in woodstoves. Free oderless fuel, do you want some MamaPea?