Thursday, June 25, 2015


My supper ...

I wish the tomatoes were mine but alas no.
Almost though...

Shouldn't be long now for the cherries anyway . It doesn't matter to me I am so ready for any tomatoes.

Some of the other kinds are there, some are not. It'll happen it always does.

Yellow squash are coming on. Isn't the little one cute?

Zucchini is also and I am sure I'll be feeding the chickens soon. I'll try to keep up but you know zucchini.

Cucumbers are growing. Plain ole sliced , salted cukes as well as in salads and of course pickles are happening soon.
A storm is kicking up again to break the humidity for a bit. I'm not complaining. Any rain is good rain this time of year for us.
Hope everything is popping for everyone else.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Depends on the angle...

As with everything in your life it really depends on the angle you view from.
Same garden....

Different angle....

Makes a difference don't cha know?
Ok that's as philosophic as this Madre gets!

Reaping is starting but I want green beans dang it.
Course I won't like them when it's 90' and I'm squatting picking or sweating snapping or etc.
But I want green beans!
I have a friend who pulls the whole plant, sticks it in wheelbarrow and trucks it to the shade to pick off beans and trash the plant. He says life's too short to be miserable. Beans have 1 shot to ripen. Different strokes, different folks!

Last night we had a gully washer come through with high winds, thunder, lightening and loss of electricity in other areas.

Mouse had to get close to me to avoid the giant puddles forming. The winds had changed and his dry area wasn't not dry.

I ran to the barn between lightening strikes to feed and check critters. I stayed after till I caught a break in the sideways rain. It cracked and grumbled for hours with rain gently falling later on.

Hogs will love the puddles tonight when I turn them out to play while I clean the pens. 
I hope LN is enjoying camp. The storm went through there as well but I don't know how bad. They are not supposed to use their phones at all or even bring them. Most bring them but turn them off and hide them till bus ride back. Then they text us and let us know where they are and that they are starved and tired. A sign of a successful camp.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Stuffings

LN spent the night with a friend so they could go to the beach today. This meant I was on animal chores this morning. That's different how you may ask? Well to be honest not much different! She does feed in the mornings during summer if she's up but I usually beat her up so... She does however feed at night.
I worked in our feed store till noon. Then it was time to breed our 3 cows. It was 90* and 100% humidity then but we got it done. Me and AI man Mike worked together so half hour and we were done. He said they all were in good heat cycle so fingers crossed. 21 days till next cycle so we'll see. I will blood test at 40 days out.
After breeding I added more feed to hogs and watered cows then shower time. I was drenched the humidity was awful.
I knew I had to pick LN up in afternoon and the Mom she was staying with had a birthday tomorrow. She is a good friend so I made this before I went.

A 18"x18" pillow in her colors she loves. She really likes the 80's colors. 

This picture shows more accurate colors and fabric. She kept petting it after opening so I'd say she liked it. 
I also started a cowl type scarf for Christmas last night. It'll be here before you know it .

Think I'll go work on it and relax. Tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

General day....

Just a general day.
Chiropractor after morning chores then mom-n-law's so LN could clean then store for 4-H camp supplies ie: snack food and toiletries then back home. She has her week away at camp next week. Her and 2 other campers made a food list then sit it in thirds. LN had drink boxes, lollipops and nasty pop tarts. Pretty smart girls I think. I need to collect/buy goofy stuff for a box I mail her for mid week mail. I have no ideas but maybe her siblings will. 
She's busy working on as many possible fair crafts as she can this week. She entered a ton.
I pulled supplies and fabrics out for various projects. I tried to organize and put away as we went. Yesterday I altered 2 shirts and repaired another I needed to catch up because they are summer tops. 
All the thread and scraps needed to be picked up and tossed. A long mirror fell off the wall and broke last night so that needed cleaned up. A sliver left was located in my foot of course ;/  

Otherwise the vining garden is popping straight up in the air.

The plants are doing well with our sporadic rains. New growth is daily in this heat also. I can see fruit starting and flowers still growing. Tonight the humidity is supposed to drop along with the temps. The high 90's will be low 80's so I'm excited. 

The old lilac garden is almost filled in. The perennials are filling in  and even some are blooming as well. The wave petunia and sweet potato are covering the front and spilling into the yard. I'm happy with this garden. The west side garden needs weeding and mulch still and lower temps will help me accomplish that. Nightshade vines are everywhere in that garden and I pull a lot each day.

At dusk I put out another hay bale to the cows and found a birds nest near the feeder.

See the wool woven in the nest and some grape vine pieces I pruned off this spring? Very creative critters !

Chained gates up in some tall weeds/grass for ewes to crop off as the sun set. Tomorrow we'll catch and worm some of them. It's also shot day for cows as we approach breeding day Saturday.

Always something....

Monday, June 15, 2015


S bought a 1200 BTU air conditioner window unit Saturday from an estate sale. It works great and replaces 5000 BTU unit we had. It runs upstairs and 8000 unit is downstairs. It'll take some tweaking. Last night it was so cold I was too cold to get up from under the covers and adjust anything. It steamed up all the downstairs windows and showed 67* this morning. I've played with it today so we'll see how it goes. I still hide in basement as the artificial air stuffs me up quickly. I also can sew or craft in my cave. Not a bad trade off. Early mornings are animal chore time and garden time. Afternoons are cave time.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


When I sit on my front porch swing...
(I have 2)

He watches the world go by....

Racing Birds...

I'm racing the birds for blueberries. 
One of my 3 bushes is ripening and the birds know it. The next 2 are filled but green still.
I picked 3/4 of a quart today. Some are a bit under ripe but will ripen before I freeze them.

Still going to have to buy more at local orchard. They have a pick your own I'm told . LN likes her smoothies like her Mama and I like the yogurt/oatmeal/blueberry muffins.

Watered , wormed...

Sorry posts are jumbled for some reason.

Fed, watered , wormed, picked blueberries off 1st and few off 2nd bushes. Time to hide as another 90+* day is upon us.
Last night was Relay for Life. LN has participated 2 yrs. now. It was still 80* at 10:00pm when I left her there for the overnight lap walk for cancer. Weather stinks all around.
I'm off to mow market lambs pen. Pigweed is rampant and I'm gonna top it and hopefully control it. 
By the way I stink and probably will till fall. There isn't enough water in Delaware to keepe cool and clean. 

Monday, June 8, 2015


When I sit on my front porch swing...
(I have 2)

He watches the world go by....

Sunday, June 7, 2015

More sweating but worth it...

This morning S and I hit warehouse store for big load of processed crap.
I figured when I got home I'd go weed green beans and mulch rest of sweet potato plants.
Made me sweat but so worth it.

Beans are in there I think.

Most of weeds gone now I see the holes where germination didn't happen.

I put straw around it but left space to expand. 

Not looking bad.
Some tomatoes have flowers, others green beauties.
I love the first ripe tomato.

Lettuce looking good.
Salad time!

Red hot pokers are one of my favorites.
Weeds are overboard in the row but I put it on the list. 

Don't mind the grass.
10 rainy days have wrecked havoc with mowing.
The old lilac/flower bed is filling in nicely.

Bright green of potato vine shines.

West side small bed needs mulch and weeded.
It's on the list.

Sweet peas are starting to bloom.
This is lighter of the 2 shades of pink I have.

Lavender smells good.
I run my hands through it and smell it for hours after.

LN's photography today showing the crazy skies.
Storm or sun, no one knows what to expect.

Her picture of grain field that is drying out finally.

A sweaty day but a good one.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Today and before...

I made me a summer top out of some thin blend material I bought at a flea market.
It was fun to try new techniques.

The short sleeves are finished with bias tape on the inside of the armhole. 
It was different but I love the end result.
The collar is a slight cowl neck but it is hard to adjust on.
I'm going to make some changes and try to photograph it on.

Friday night LN had her soccer banquet in the school cafeteria.
It was catered by local restaurant.
She looked pretty and TALL.

Her and some of her closest soccer buddies.
She almost a year and sometimes 2 years younger than these girls.

The wedge 4" heels helped there.

She was awarded the MVP of her team and was happy with that honor.

Today was another county livestock show.
LN took her lambs and goat.
Pretty good day....

Her lamb "lumpy" won her class and then Champion Market Lamb.

Of course I was so excited I forgot to snap a picture at the moment that counted.
She received a embroidered  big duffle bag which she liked as camp is coming up.
Long good day, just me and my kiddo.... 
and a hundred other people with animals.

Anyone wondering why Lumpy has that name?

Lookey here!
He has this on his spine.
Not a cyst, or a tumor, or an abscess.

No blood or fluid inside.
We stuck a needle in 2 ways and drew nada.
Just a tissue or muscle mass is a guess.
I wasn't sure we should keep him to show.
I didn't want it held against him as it's smack dap in the middle of his back.
Does not affect his growth or health and judge liked him enough to give him Grand Champion.
So Lumpy stays and goes to state fair.

And finally the barn swallows are in full force.
I love their swooping and diving behind the barn.
They have 3-4 nests adhered to the barn rafters under the overhang.
I need to go sit quietly and get better pictures.
This was just a phone picture as I fed the horse.

Night all !!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Watching finals for state girls soccer in the rain (again) . It's 55' and windy. I'm wearing wool socks in June .

Something ain't right since last week at semi finals it was 90'. 
We re losing 3-1.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Found it...

More than 15 yrs ago I lost 2 rings in different flower beds. One was found with a metal detector and promptly lost again. Guess what?

I found it today laying on top of the ground in one of my fleet beds. A bed I've dug through every year since. Go figure when you least expect it there it is.

Anyone else sit off to the side if your pet is comfortable before you sit down? Do you like the summer sheet covering that protects from sweat and cat hair on sofa? The furniture is crap and needs replaced but still...