Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Depends on the angle...

As with everything in your life it really depends on the angle you view from.
Same garden....

Different angle....

Makes a difference don't cha know?
Ok that's as philosophic as this Madre gets!

Reaping is starting but I want green beans dang it.
Course I won't like them when it's 90' and I'm squatting picking or sweating snapping or etc.
But I want green beans!
I have a friend who pulls the whole plant, sticks it in wheelbarrow and trucks it to the shade to pick off beans and trash the plant. He says life's too short to be miserable. Beans have 1 shot to ripen. Different strokes, different folks!

Last night we had a gully washer come through with high winds, thunder, lightening and loss of electricity in other areas.

Mouse had to get close to me to avoid the giant puddles forming. The winds had changed and his dry area wasn't not dry.

I ran to the barn between lightening strikes to feed and check critters. I stayed after till I caught a break in the sideways rain. It cracked and grumbled for hours with rain gently falling later on.

Hogs will love the puddles tonight when I turn them out to play while I clean the pens. 
I hope LN is enjoying camp. The storm went through there as well but I don't know how bad. They are not supposed to use their phones at all or even bring them. Most bring them but turn them off and hide them till bus ride back. Then they text us and let us know where they are and that they are starved and tired. A sign of a successful camp.


  1. That garden bounty looks great. I'm not certain we'll get cucumbers at all yet. They are still in a wet area. You are right about angle of the photo. I plan to get a different photo of my cauliflower area.

    1. That is the 1st cucumber I've picked Kristina. Too little rain= no harvest , Too much rain = no harvest ;/ dang if you do dang if you don't so keep your chin up. Use whatever angle looks better ;)

  2. Both your angles look pretty good to me! And, wowzer, you sure are getting some rain. We've got it again today, too. Thunder boomers last night. Wet, wet, wet right now.

    Your bean picking friend is wasting a lot of beans! Those plants would keep on producing for a couple of weeks.

    1. MamaPea I agree with the waste but he doesn't want to bend over to pick them. Lol I'm not proud I'll do it.
      The rain is needed so I'm not complaining except when I have to mow twice in a week.