Monday, June 1, 2015

Found it...

More than 15 yrs ago I lost 2 rings in different flower beds. One was found with a metal detector and promptly lost again. Guess what?

I found it today laying on top of the ground in one of my fleet beds. A bed I've dug through every year since. Go figure when you least expect it there it is.

Anyone else sit off to the side if your pet is comfortable before you sit down? Do you like the summer sheet covering that protects from sweat and cat hair on sofa? The furniture is crap and needs replaced but still...


  1. I guess you were supposed to find that ring! Lying right on top of the ground? Amazing. But then I'm always finding different things (nothing as nice as a ring though) that seem to work their way up from the depths of my garden soil. Today I found a nail (a spike, really) that was 'bout the biggest one I've ever seen. Right there on top of the soil in between the rows of the new strawberries.

    Ha, looks like your comfy cat wasn't about to give you an inch either!

    1. It's always surprising what turns up in the soul. Yes it was right on top just laying there. I was so excited.
      The cat sleeps forever in the most annoying places which is anywhere I am. It's LN s cat but she followse around when L N is at school or sports.