Sunday, June 7, 2015

More sweating but worth it...

This morning S and I hit warehouse store for big load of processed crap.
I figured when I got home I'd go weed green beans and mulch rest of sweet potato plants.
Made me sweat but so worth it.

Beans are in there I think.

Most of weeds gone now I see the holes where germination didn't happen.

I put straw around it but left space to expand. 

Not looking bad.
Some tomatoes have flowers, others green beauties.
I love the first ripe tomato.

Lettuce looking good.
Salad time!

Red hot pokers are one of my favorites.
Weeds are overboard in the row but I put it on the list. 

Don't mind the grass.
10 rainy days have wrecked havoc with mowing.
The old lilac/flower bed is filling in nicely.

Bright green of potato vine shines.

West side small bed needs mulch and weeded.
It's on the list.

Sweet peas are starting to bloom.
This is lighter of the 2 shades of pink I have.

Lavender smells good.
I run my hands through it and smell it for hours after.

LN's photography today showing the crazy skies.
Storm or sun, no one knows what to expect.

Her picture of grain field that is drying out finally.

A sweaty day but a good one.

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  1. Loved all the pictures! So why is it that weeds germinate without any trouble at all when the beans don't?? (A gardener's frustration, for sure.) I'm so hungry for salad time. I'm showing the pic of your lettuce to my salad bed this morning so they know how to do it. Our grass in the yard is the same as yours. Got a portion of it cut a week ago (which now needs cutting again) but we've had so much rain the rest of it is the pits. My Sweet Peas are three inches high . . . a ways to go to blossoms! I think your garden looks really good . . . probably fertilized with all your blood, sweat and tears!