Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Stuffings

LN spent the night with a friend so they could go to the beach today. This meant I was on animal chores this morning. That's different how you may ask? Well to be honest not much different! She does feed in the mornings during summer if she's up but I usually beat her up so... She does however feed at night.
I worked in our feed store till noon. Then it was time to breed our 3 cows. It was 90* and 100% humidity then but we got it done. Me and AI man Mike worked together so half hour and we were done. He said they all were in good heat cycle so fingers crossed. 21 days till next cycle so we'll see. I will blood test at 40 days out.
After breeding I added more feed to hogs and watered cows then shower time. I was drenched the humidity was awful.
I knew I had to pick LN up in afternoon and the Mom she was staying with had a birthday tomorrow. She is a good friend so I made this before I went.

A 18"x18" pillow in her colors she loves. She really likes the 80's colors. 

This picture shows more accurate colors and fabric. She kept petting it after opening so I'd say she liked it. 
I also started a cowl type scarf for Christmas last night. It'll be here before you know it .

Think I'll go work on it and relax. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. I love that pillow! Christmas - e-gads. I have stuff to make yet too.

  2. Glad you're managing to get in some creative time for yourself. As hard as you work on a daily basis, you need it to recharge. Plus, it's got to be cooler and more comfortable in the house. Sweet pillow . . . what a nice gesture.